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Marc How did we arrive at this situation? Natasha has called me to tell me our department is not effective.
Antoine Those people in development never understood market constrains. We always have to firefight because they do not tell us when they need something in time for us to do our job
Ernest I spoke with the representative from LCSD. He told me that they will have it next month in their warehouse. The previous lot was contaminated, and was returned for purification.
Antoine Why didn’t they tell us before?
Ernest the technical expert had called the lab technician that had requested the product. I was not aware there was an issue. In any case, it is a very sophisticated product for a top priority project, so they want to control the selection process
Theresa I am participating in an internal task force (ITF) on the subject. There are a lot of materials like that. So we do not have time to cover each in a systematic way.
Antoine If they do not open up, they will always have supply issues. ITF are the teams set up to focus on specific issues. They were launched 18 months ago, to help different functions work together on complex problems, but they are usually firefighting exercises.
Marc Have you tried to use the ITF to have an impact earlier in the process? And for those materials, Theresa, how much do we need in the coming month? Do we have visibility? And for the coming years?
Theresa When they place the order, it is processed in SAP. For the materials with issues, we have a better picture because we had recent discussions. But often if it is not in production yet, it is not coded in SAP, but handled as a free text…...

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