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#include<process.h> //for exit function
class LIC
char name[30],gender[10],nationality[15],occupation[16]; char address[150],fathersname[80]; long sum_ass,premium,cno; long income; int agentid,p_no,p_code,years; struct date //for input of dates { int dd,mm,yy; } dos,dob;

public: date dom; void getinfo(); void basicshowinfo(); void getpolicy_code(); void licshowinfo(); int getp_no(); void mod(); int rp_code();

} l1,l2; int LIC::rp_code() //acessor function
return p_code;
void LIC::getinfo()
cout<<"\nENTER THE NAME:"<<" "; gets(name); cout<<"\nENTER THE FATHER'S NAME:"<<" "; gets(fathersname); cout<<"\nENTER THE GENDER: "<<" "; gets(gender); cout<<"\nENTER THE ADDRESS:"<<" "; gets(address); cout<<"\nENTER THE NATIONALITY:"<<" "; gets(nationality); cout<<"\nENTER THE DATE OF BIRTH (dd\mm\yy):"<<" "; cin>>dob.dd>>dob.mm>>dob.yy; cout<<"\nENTER THE ANNUAL INCOME:"<<" "; cin>>income; cout<<"\nENTER THE CONTACT NUMBER:"<<" "; cin>>cno; cout<<"\nENTER THE AGENT ID:"<<" "; cin>>agentid; cout<<"\nENTER THE DATE OF START(dd\mm\yy):"<<" "; cin>>dos.dd>>dos.mm>>dos.yy; cout<<"\nENTER THE DURATION OF POLICY (1 YEAR OR 2 YEARS):"<<" "; cin>>years; cout<<"\nENTER THE POLICY HOLDER NUMBER:"<<" "; cin>>p_no; cout<<endl; cout<<"\t\tPOLICY LIST\n" ; cout<<endl; cout<<"\n1.JEEVAN SARAL";…...

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