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1. After reviewing the history on SQL server, I have found that there have been 7 revisions of the SQL standard. In the most recent, SQL 2011, there were many new non-temporal features. You have DELETE in MERGE, Pipelined DML, CALL enhancements, Limited fetch capability, Collection type enhancements, non-enforced table constraints, and window enhancements. With SQL:2011 replacing SQL:2008 as the standard in December of 2011, there were also some new DDL features that improved the usability of generated and identity columns.

2. SQL Express allows certain features that are available in the regular edition. The following are major features that are supported in SQL Express: Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers, Cursors, sqlcmd and osql utilities, Snapshot Isolation levels, Native XML support (including XQuery and XML Schemas) Transact-SQL language support, and dedicated administrator connection. In Oracle Express, you are able to use a browser-based interface to administer the database, create tables, views, and other database objects, import, export, and view table data, run queries and SQL scripts, and generate reports. DB2 Express is a no-charge community edition of DB2 data server and is ideal for small businesses and multi-branch companies. It includes self-managing capabilities and includes all of the core features of the larger DB2 editions which include Data Studio, Time Travel Query, PureXML and compression backup. After looking over all of the specs of each of these programs, I believe that SQL and Oracle are the top two. When we look into the finer details of things, my personal preference would be to go with SQL Express as there are many reviews that support it.
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