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In the play Cyrano de Bergerac, written by Edmond Rostand, he shows that a person no longer falls in love with a person for their charisma, but for their appearence. Edmond shows this throughout the play by how he portrays the actions of Roxane, Christian, and Cyrano. Rostand shows that Roxane is a woman who cares more about outside appearance than getting to know what is on the inside. When Roxane confesses her love for Christian she is hit with the words, “you, who only words, wit, the grand manner-why for all you know, the man may be a savage, or a fool” (Rostand 64), yet she doesn’t care because “people talk about people; and she hears things.... and she knows” (64) that she is truly in love with this “proud-noble-young-brave-beautiful”(63) man. She has not spoken to this young man but is convinced she is in love due to the fact she is merely lusting over him. She does not realize that she is actually in love with Cyrano for the reason that he has never came off as appealing to her until he confesses the letters were his and it hits her that she has “never loved but one man in” her “life”(193) and that man is Cyrano. Furthermore, Christian comes off as being the man who falls easily by a quick sighting. When he witnesses Roxane’s for the first time “he forgets everything, and stands spellbound, gazing towards” (15) her while encompassing her beauty. This is what he believes as being love at first sight, making him want to do anything to gain her love. Christian knows that “once” he “writes, that ruins all”(84), yet Cyrano offers him his own poetry that he will write personally for Roxane. Christian is doubtful about accepting the letters because he knows “Roxane-how sensitive-one rough word, and the sweet illusion-gone”(85) causing everything to be ruined. In the end, he takes up the offer knowing it’s the only way she will fall for him. Lastly, Rostand…...

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