Culture and Subculture

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Culture and Subculture
Youth Soccer offers a healthy activity through its game associations. These associations give emphasis to the ENJOYABLE, and participate in not on winning no matter what the cost. Each child is assured of time on the field and the game is communicated in an enjoyable and pleasant atmosphere (What Is Youth Soccer, 2012).
The reason for NASA is to improve, encourage and run a broad-minded soccer association. The objectives of their soccer association are to (Newton Area Soccer Association, 2013):
A. Deliver an enjoyable, entertaining and learning opportunity by way of structured soccer.
B. Deliver USYSA/ISA association to team participants who would otherwise be self-governing.
C. Improve individual expertise in all aspects of the game of soccer.
D. Encourage good sportsmanship, confident self-image and competitive group participation in by soccer training and game conditions.
E. Cultivate accountability and decision-making expertise.
F. Familiarize all members with the guidelines, procedures and approaches of soccer.
G. Encourage soccer as a family outing.
H. Encourage wellbeing of participants.
While there is historical indication of the earliest forms of the game in Asia, Central America, and even the Roman Empire that are comparable to soccer, the game we know dates to the mid-1800s in England. At that time, the “schoolboys” of associations from the likes of Brighton, Eton and Harrow began ball-oriented games with two sides, goal-lines, and limited guidelines. The games had numerous methods of getting the ball down the field, comprising transporting and kicking (Harves, 2005-2013).
As time went on, two very different associations developed with dissimilar views on what means the ball must be progressed down the field. The first group supported the sustained use of transporting the ball by the means of their hands. The…...

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