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1. Indoor Navigation System Simulation:
Oftentimes people find themselves in an unfamiliar building trying to locate the closest restroom, an office or an electronics store in a shopping mall. We all use Google Maps to navigate outside, but such systems for indoor navigation are still at a premature state. This project involves simulating an indoor navigation system to guide a user inside a building to reach a desired location with turn-by-turn directions just like in a conventional GPS based navigator. For the sake of simplicity, we can assume the presence of a positioning module (like GPS) to determine the current location of the user inside the building. The maps for buildings should be formed with a collaborative effort, with different users tagging locations or objects as they encounter them. Rerouting will be needed when a user fails to follow the directions provided by the system. Keep in mind that in such a system, the streets will be corridors and ramps will be elevators or stairs. Also, we cannot expect our user to pass through walls, so entering a room will only be possible after exiting one!

2. Who am I?
Person recognition has been a hot topic in a variety of fields for years. With the proliferation in social networking, this topic is becoming even more important, as it is used in tasks like auto-tagging of pictures. This project involves developing a mobile person recognition system, which uses a combination of existing face recognition algorithms and the locations of users (using information from an application like Google Latitude) to make the most accurate prediction.

3. Programming Game:
Everyone likes games and the trend is for education to capitalize on this in order to encourage learning of various topics. In the end-product of this project, students would have to write little programs in order to progress through a game. One…...

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