Critical Thinking Case Study

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Critical Thinking Case Study
GEN/480 Interdisciplinary Capstone Course
March 3, 2011
Norton Brainard III

Case Study
Part I: Analysis
1. Describe all assumptions seen in any of documents provided in the case study
a. Kelly: Had the assumption that with a project like this it was putting the company on the line. Furthermore the quality of service with little staff may prove impossible. Kelly also assumed that the company was only interested in putting the product out and they were not concern about Quality Control (QC). Another assumption that was pointed out is what exactly the company wanted done could not be considering the workload that they were given two years ago proved to be a challenger and the had more workers it is nearly possible now with the shortage of employees.
b. Pat: Is insisted on the only way to bring the company back to where it was ten years ago is to expand and do it quickly because other are doing the same with their companies. Although he had an confidential source he think that the company Secu-A-Corp will be bring out a similar product within in months therefore he wants to move quickly. The anticipated cost he assumed was based on the initial analysis , he also added a significant amount for staffing time in order to reach a product launch goal, not taking in consideration of the changes within the staff and the fact that the company has begun to lose revenue and had to make cut back. He assumes the return on the investment will be within in the first year thereby making the amount it needs to produce the product worth it. He has made it known that some does not see the launch goal like he does therefore would like to look alternative contractors. He assumed that because of the work done by staff previous that this goal is possible in spite of what others may say and he is insisted on getting this…...

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