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Standards direct the course of the curriculum, instruction and assessment in the US schools. Most of the pedagogical decisions made at the school and district levels are shaped by the standards set by the state and mandated by the federal government. These standards serve as an instrument for the definition of the language and the content that all students including English language learners (ELLs) are expected to achieve (Fenner, 2012). In this article, Fenner and Segota tackled the importance of the English language proficiency (ELP) standards, professional teaching standards and Common Core standards, their impact on ELLs and the interrelation between them.
In order for ELLs to meet the academic competencies embodied in the standards, it is necessary that they acquire the social and intercultural competence and academic language proficiency across content areas. The academic language competencies embodied in the content-area standards require quality instructional delivery that intertwines language development and content. States are mandated by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation to create language standards to assist ELLs in developing English language proficiency (ELP). The ELP standards are designed to bridge the gap between language acquisition and content proficiency for ELLs. Ensuring that ELLs have the academic language proficiency allows them to navigate through information, engage with new learning, and produce high level of achievement. When ELLs are assisted in targeting high levels of success in the content area classrooms. Fenner and Segota (2012) also discussed the importance of establishing professional ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching standards in achieving academic success for ELLs. The TESOL P-12 Professional Teaching Standards and National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
The creation of the…...

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