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It is always one thing to see it on paper than it is to live it in real life. According to the Human metrics Survey I tend to be an Extrovert, Intuitive, and slightly judging. I was pleased to hear about the extrovert and intuitive traits however I don’t like to think of myself as being judgmental. Then VALS survey states that I am more of Experiencer, and an achiever. Lastly the attached survey has me in the 41-50 point brackets. As I answered the questions I felt like a totally different experience like I was making a personal judgment of myself. At first I was concerned I might try to fix my results however I believe that I avoided doing so. The three surveys all sum me up as an interested, outgoing achiever. I see this as a very accurate representation of me. While I am at work I often socialize and make myself the center of attention would lines up with the HR-Survey, I also find myself constantly making slight judgments at people at work, school, and even online. The one piece of information I was most interested in reading was the Achiever that the VALS survey had stated me as. I always thought of myself as the outgoing willing to do anything once type person. Yet seeing the achiever surprises me not because it doesn’t fit me but because it fits me better than all the rest. I have goals in life, starting a family, building a career, making my impact in the world. All of these are goals that every daily decision revolves around. My choice to work full time and take 12 summer credits is all part of my goal to achieve. Mixed with the extrovert I definitely see myself as the person pushing to achieve more and climb ladders and take upon leadership roles. I feel like the above information makes me a much more marketable individual in a…...

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My Little Bit of Country we feel more at home. Some feel they belong to the country while others feel they belong to the city. Others might go to the extreme and move to a different country to feel at home. But what do you do if you are still a child and your parents are taking you away from the place where you belong? This is the problem Susan Cheever dealt with when she was a child and her parents moved from Central Park to the countryside. Susan Cheever is an American writer. She was born in 1943. Her father is a famous novelist and short story writer, John Cheever. Susan Cheever writes her memories in the anthology Central Park which is published in 2012. The first three to four years of her life (p. 7, l. 28) she was raised in the area around Central Park. She loved it. She loved everything about the place and was completely uncomprehending when her parents decided to move to Westchester on the Hudson River (p. 8, l. 23-24). Her parents wanted to get away from their two-bedroom apartment, the noisy traffic and they wanted to get a bigger family and a family car (s. 8, l. 71-76). She did not like it in the suburbs. She wanted to move back to Central Park. When Susan got old enough to be allowed to take the train alone, she travelled to New York as often as she could. “Later in my life I heard Any Warhol say that it was better to live in the city than the country because in the city he could find a little bit of country, but in the country the was no little bit of city” (p. 9, l.......

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