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Could Traditional Skills Survival in the Age of World Globalization?

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Could traditional skills survival in the age of world globalization?

Homer (Wu Hao)

According to Barber(2010) “Globalization has tendency to move that process forward at alarmingly dispiriting rates.”
-P105,line 28-29
Thesis statement: modern technological products destroy traditional skills and handicraft

Despite the fact that there are much more job opportunities in the age of world globalization, there is a sense in which it can be argued that modern technological products destroy traditional skills and handicraft in recent years.

According to Barber(2010) “Globalization has tendency to move that process forward at alarmingly dispiriting rates.”

-P105,line 28-29

China opened up its market and adapted to the world globalization in.....

-Counter argument
Reference from T.N.Srinivasa/ Positive effects in the world globalization

According to T.N.Srinivasan(2002) “Globalization is, in essence, a process that creates opportunities for faster growth and more rapid poverty reduction in those poor countries in which the domestic economic and political environment is conducive”
Though the force of globalization refers to the positive effects in building transnational companies and creating much more opportunities for local people there.

-Example 1
Example of a scissors company in China / hand-made scissors and kitchen knifes / go broke because of globalization (Zwilling,Seco etc) and western brands / hard to transfer their products

Zhangxiaoquan,a traditional scissors and kitchen knifes company with the traditional image of their hand-made skill in Hangzhou province, has successfully bulit an iconic brand by high-standard quality. Obviously,it has won a lot of positive comments from housewives in China.

-Example 2
Machine manufacturing is replaced of hand-made in embroidery factories / waste too much time and too many handicraftsmen by traditional hand-made skill / be requested to increase production / more and more handicraftsmen lost their jobs which may be their family business from their grandfathers / pay more attention to the traditional handicrafts / hand embroidery as a hobby and in many case of art form

Nowadays, the need for embroidery is changed....produced on automated sewing machines. Sometimes it is required as a little graphic design.With the automated sewing systems, there is a limited cost for the process of hand embroidery.Younger generations are not being taught the skills and techniques of embroidery that used to be happened in their parents.

Plan: Summary
Thesis statement: modern technological products destroy traditional skills and handicraft…...

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