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In today’s social media onslaught, users can check in at a restaurant, immediately write a post on how they are feeling for the day, and even like ideas, businesses, and products. All this can usually be done at the swipe of a finger, if you have your smart phone handy. Little due some users knows that their posts are monitored by private institutions for the use of behavioral research. What some think is private is actually being used for market research. Although, there have already been some behavioral break through. Microsoft already has helped identify women at risk of postpartum depression. (Jayson) While social media websites claim that they do not give out any personal identifiable information, some of these large research groups do have access to all of the user’s posts, which many users thought were private, or at least limited to the circle of friends on their list. Using Five “I” theory to analyze this ethical issue and see if there are possible solutions to this dilemma.
First, identify the moral issue. The issue is whether or not social media sites have the right to allow research companies access to all of its users posts for research. Understand that these sites do have privacy policies, but that is limited to not selling personal information of its users. On Facebook’s privacy policy they do say that anything made public on their site can be viewed by anyone. The culprit in this situation is pretty apparent. The social media sites that allow these, outside firms to do research on unsuspecting users, is clearly the major player in this ethical dilemma. The facts in this situation are very clear. Social media websites have privacy policies that keep your personal information safe, but anything that a user makes “public” can be literally viewed by anyone whether or not they are other Facebook users. In the past, Facebook had to revamp…...

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