Consulting Plan – Part One

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Consulting Plan – Part One
MGT/527 Consulting
July14, 20014
Dr. Harvey McDonnell

Consulting Plan – Part One
The discovery phase is an appeal to action. The purpose of a consultant throughout this phase is to guide the client through the process and keep them engaged. The action that is essentials to take place during this phase is one that will improve the organizations function. Even though there is research that will befall to collect data, the research is not the main goal. The research is only meant to gain a better understanding of the business problem.
Present Problem
Morale is more than people just being happy or eager to work. Low morale can have a devastating consequence on productivity and ethics. Pol-Lee Fire Extinguisher has a business problem of low employee survey scores because of low employee morale.
Underlying Problem
The employees are upset about three main things. The first problem is the employees are unhappy with the benefits being offered compared to other companies in this industry. The second problem is the employees are unhappy with the food and beverage that are being served at the company gathering. The third problem is the employees are unhappy with how management balances work schedules and their personal lives.
The Cause
A few things are causing and helping to maintain this business problem. The benefit carriers changed the benefits offered to a small business with less than 30 employees. One of the major carriers left the market causing a monopoly. There were also a large number of insurance claims made by the industry the previous year limiting the selection of reasonable yet quality insurance benefits carriers.
The employees function use to have a catering that service better food and beverage than what is being service now. With the turn in the economy, that catering company was eliminated and the…...

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