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TOPIC: The effects of Technology on human development

One might wonder what is really meant by Technology and how does it bring change in your life or the world abroad. Well our main focus on this topic is the effects of technology on self-improvement, academic life and the technological challenges we can come across in the future.

What is really meant by Technology?
Technology is a combination of body knowledge used to create tools, develop skills and extract minerals with the study of science. It can help us solve problems and extend our abilities to do things. Technology keeps on improving because of our needs which are not easily satisfied and we keep demanding more change in technology. Today we live in a modern information age which is because of the advanced technology which has created new economic environment . We have moved from industrial age to information age.

Technology can have positive and negative effects on self-improvement at some point is out of us as an individual how we decide to use technology. The following effects elaborate more about technology on self-improvement:
Positive effects

1. Business world
People can run a business online this days since there are no barriers in terms of communication, so people can even organise international meetings without even having to meet through technology advancement.
2. Panctuality
This is where technology steps in, it makes our lives easier by having phones, emails and socialising apps to deliver messages in time/faster even in case of emergency. We can even email application forms for certain things like job application or even fax them.

Negative effects
It takes self control to limit how much time we spend with technological gadgets, basically hiding behind the screen, socialising, playing games or surfing the net for too long not realising we…...

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