Competencies and Career Interests Profiler

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Competencies and Career Interests Profiler

Understanding your personal competencies can help improve your critical thinking skills in a number of ways. By understanding what your abilities are you are able to utilize your critical thinking skills. For example, some companies expect their employees to reach a certain level of competency at the end of their training. This is because developing or capitalizing on your core competencies entails learning and thoroughly understanding the job at hand. Based on my career aptitude test, my results show that scheduling; material recording and law would be a good fit for me. I am an efficient communicator, detail oriented and I take the time to research what I am doing. Because of these inclinations/competencies, I can have a more profound understanding of what I am doing in contrast to someone who may not be good at these things. It is said that capitalizing your strengths is more important than working on your weaknesses.

Knowing your competencies can help you evaluate arguments through understanding every aspect of what you are doing. By utilizing your competencies and understanding the details of your task you are then able to overcome any objection and validate your argument. For example, lawyers know that they are efficient communicators and they use this competency to validate their argument in the courtroom. They research the case, ask questions, and interpret the law to help the jury reach a verdict. Knowing your strengths can also be detrimental towards your behavior. For instance, if you know your core competencies, you will have more confidence in applying your skills towards something. It is also important to utilize analytical skills and logic when evaluating an argument. It may take more time for someone who isn’t particularly analytical to evaluate and argument therefore other competencies such as time…...

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...Career Plan Building Activity: Competencies and Career Interests Profiler University of Phoenix MGT/527 1/19/2015 In completing the Career Plan Building Activity and the Career Interests Profiler, I was able to collect interesting and significant information on the career fields that very well can be of interest to me as well as provide information regarding my strengths in where my competencies are applicable. In understanding and having knowledge of my personal competencies, I would be able to improve my critical thinking skills (Geng, 2014). Understanding critical thinking is important when trying to improve your critical thinking skills. Critical thinking deals with reflective reasoning regarding beliefs and actions makes it likely to take a situation, analyze it, gather what is essential in order to form a clear and concise origin of meaning and understand it as needed according to the circumstances. While discovering my strengths and weaknesses in competencies and with the outcome of the Career Interest Profile enable me to take a look into the areas of my expertise (Geng, 2014). The profile showed me having a more conventional occupation which usually involve following usual processes and practices. These careers include working with details and data more frequently than working with ideas. The Career Interest Profiler also included an enterprising occupation that usually includes leading people and making numerous decisions. They sometimes require taking......

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