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Seminar Agenda – Second Draft
Week Seven – February 22-27, 2015

Leadership Topic – Organizational Communications, Communications Styles

Key Teaching Points * Effective Organizational communication, (modes, barriers) * Communication styles Assessment – Discuss their personal strengths and styles. Styles of those they work with. * Explore the “How to’s” of giving direction and feedback. * Explore the Emotional intelligence assessment * Discuss the role of Emotional Intelligence in your daily work as a nurse.
Discussion of Readings, Video Blog, and Communication Self Tests

Video Blog – Daniel Goleman Introduces Emotional Intelligence * Four Domains * Self Awareness, Self Management, Empathy, Skilled Relationship * Women vs. Men * Cultural Differences
Emotional Intelligence Quiz – compliments above video.

Communications Style Inventory and Assessment * Discuss the four styles – review the provided document, pg. 5 * Controller/Director * Promoter/Socializer * Supporter/Relater * Analyzer/Thinker * Do certain roles attract specific styles? (ex. Charge nurse, nurse manager etc) * Discuss the strengths of each style. * Discuss the communication barriers or trends between individuals with various styles.
Marquis & Huston Chapters 19 – pages 421-438, skim 439-445. * Organizational communication – complicated * Internal Climate vs. External Climate * (values, feelings, temperament) * (status, power, temp, timing, even weather) * Nonverbal vs. Verbal * Large Organization Communication * Barriers * Discuss organizational communicational strategies discussed on page ? * Group Communication * Channels of Communication * Upward * Downward *…...

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