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Research Paper – Cloud Computing
Cloud computing in its simplest terms, means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of on a computer’s hard drive (,2817,2372163,00.asp). The cloud is a metaphor for the internet, and the name cloud computing was inspired by the cloud symbol that’s often used to represent the internet in flowcharts and diagrams ( Essentially, this eliminates the need for large storage hard drives. Computers now come with storage sizes between 320 GB-1tb which seems like a lot, but as time goes by and the amount of programs and files you gather, that storage space decreases. Then, before you know it, your computer has only a few gigabytes of storage left, and runs slowly due to too much stored data. When data is written to the computer’s hard drive, it is stored on any available spot on the hard drive. Large programs like video games that take up massive amounts of gigabytes, are written all over the hard drive, hence causing the software to load slowly and even glitch sometimes. People upgrade the size of their computer’s storage all the time, whether it is via external hard drives, the addition of multiple hard drives, or the replacement of the hard drive with a new one. Although prices have dropped for storage devices, it is still a decent amount of money spent and consumes time.
With cloud computing, all of this can be eliminated. Everyone can store their programs online in private individual storage banks. Programs no longer have to be written to the user’s hard drive; therefore computers won’t be slowed down. Launching programs will be quicker because all of the software code will be stored next to each other eliminating fetching the data from multiple storage slots on the hard drive.
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