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Client/Server Networking
Week 1 Lab 1
Based upon the facts that are given, I know now that the computers are capable of upgrading to Windows 7. The computers that are being operated at the warehouse are more likely to run sluggishly, because they are not in the same area as the servers are. I would recommend the upgrade to Windows 7 Enterprise. There are going to be a lot of issues with the warehouse computers, such as losing connection to the VPN and most users aren’t aware of how to handle this situation. Most business computers run on a wireless VPN connection when they are not in the same building as the server. Windows 7 enterprise has a feature called VPN Reconnect; which automatically reconnects to the server. As long as the server is a Windows Server 2008 R2 version; this feature will work. Which as I can see in the description; we are working with the Windows Server 2008 R2 version.
The warehouse operators are going to have to be able to have access to offsite files. Windows 7 Enterprise has the BranchCache and DirectAccess features, which will come in handy for these requirements. BranchCache will help the users with faster and more reliable access to the offsite files they may need. Also the five computers that are close to the server may have to retrieve information from the warehouse computers. Windows 7 enterprise has remote connection for host and the client. Meaning that the warehouse and main office computers will be able to let the IT technicians or administrators remotely connect to their computers. IT professionals will also be able to help the warehouse operators remotely, instead of driving on the other side of town. This can save a company money and precious time.
Finally, according to the requirements of upgrading to Windows 7, it would be preferred to do a clean installation of Windows 7. If they were using Windows Vista then it would…...

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