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Jephunneh Shem A. Molon
#79 west ave. Salongga
Hills Bajada, Davao City
February 5, 2015

Ferrari Cars Inc.
3000 Roosevelt

Mr. Ferrari:

Last october 30, 2014, I order an Enzo Ferrari F50 spider, thait s worth $70.3 million. This car is intended for a car show.
The car came today. At first, the car starts perfectly but when we try to run the car , it won’t run. So we chacked the machine of the car and discovered that the problem is in the accelerator, it is broken. We cannot buy the parts here because it is not available in the shops. I am returning it to you so that you can check it.
The car show is fast approaching, and I;d like you to send it back 3 weeks before the show. Therefore, I’d like really appreciate a replacemnt of the broken parts as soon as possible.
I am confident that you will respond to my problem immediately.

Yours truely, Jephunneh Shem Molon Jephunneh Shem A. Molon

Jephunneh Shem A. Molon
#79 west ave. Salongga
Hills Bajada, Davao City
February 2, 2015

Stark Industries
34 street Califormia

Mr Stark: I am jephunneh Shem Molon of Eastern Industries and I am an IT expert. I am very curious about your very new MK42 suit that you have used last 2014 WTC convention. I really want to know about the suit because I am studying it for a quite long time because really want it to compare it to your other suits tha you have made, and I hope that you will be moved and answer my questions:

* How does it work? * How much does it cost? * What are the new upgrades that you have made?

Thank you very much for the answer, you can email me at my address at, thank you again.

Sincerely yours, Jephunneh Shem Molon Jephunneh Shem A. Molon

Jephunneh Shem A. Molon
#79 west ave. Salongga
Hills Bajada, Davao City
January 29, 2015

English Professor
Matina, Davao City
University of Mindanao
Matina, Davao City

Dear Ms. Navarro

Greetings of peace and properity,
Last January 1, 2015, i was not able to cpmly some of the requirements that you have given to us because of several reasons and i would like to apologize to that and I am trrying to make up for that. I am sorry ma’am, Thank you.

Sincerely yours, Jephunneh Shem Molon Jephunneh Shem A. Molon

To: Morning Class Students
From: Jephunneh Shem Molon UMASWS President
Date: February 28, 2015
Subject: UMASWS General Assembly

The University of Mindanao Association of Social Workers will be conducting a general assembly, also it is our planning and evaluation for the year 2013-2015. There will be also an election of new officers for the year 2015-2016.

The general assembly will starts at exactly 10:00 am and will end at 2:00 pm. The purpose of this event is for you to create a bond and to be acquainted with the stuents of each level and to establish a good relationship with one another.

This is an Important event for every social work student, then your presence is aw must. Thank you for your cooperation.. for inquiries , please see professor Gonzales. Thank you!

Jephunneh Shem A. Molon
#79 west ave. Salongga
Hills Bajada, Davao City
January 29, 2015

Phone: 2211511
Mobile: 09091465648
February 16, 2015

Chief Executive Officer
Lamborghini Automibili S.p.A
Sant’Agata Bolognese

Dear Mr. Winkelmann

I am writing to apply for the position of Head Mahinerist, which was avertised on the Mechanical Association Society bulletin board of the University of Mechanical School on February 15, 2015
My working experience at Pagani Automobili improved my mechanical skills, leadership skill. I can speak and write Italian fluently and also in English too.
I am currently studying an Advanced Mechanical Engineering at the University of Parma graduating in 2016. The course that I am studying is very much related to to position including advance build and engine studies.
During my studies I was elected as a the team leaders for Junior Mechanical Association of Italy. When leading the association I improve my leading skills, appreciate more my profession that I have choose, and also the ability of great patience because of the difficulties of the the position.
Working in Lamborghini Automobili really appeals to me because of itss history and its outstanding reputation. Your company produces high quality products and services, and surely I can contribute to this with my advanced knowledge and skills in leading.
I am available for interview any time. I can be contacted easily on the phone numbers given above. I’m looking forward to meet you.

Sincerely yours, Jephunneh Shem Molon Jephunneh Shem A. Molon

February 6, 20015

Pagani Automobili S.p.A
San Cesario sul Panaro
Modena, Italy

Mr. Pagani:

Thank you for sending your catalog so promptly. I have to replace some parts regularly so that my car performs best. Good thing that you have the newest products every month and now I want you to send me the following parts for a Pagani Huayra: 3 carbon fibre front skirt, carbon black item no. 1267822AZZ Price: € 13,500 5 flux controller, item no. 5875862GHD Price: € 11,440 2 pairs of alloy rims, size 2,795 mm, carbon black, item no. 44642344KKJ Price: € 18,193

Total: € 43,133 Please send the above parts within a week. I have enclosed a check of € 44,000 as my payment for the order. Thank you.

Sincerely yours, Jephunneh Shem Molon Jephunneh Shem A. Molon…...

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