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Ethical Dilemma
In this essay I will discuss the ethical formalism is a theory which defines moral judgments in the most logical form. Ethical formalism does not focus around human well being, or feelings. No personal interest is involved when dealing with ethical formalism. In the movie, Sophie’s Choice, a mother is forced to choose one of her children to go into the gas chamber. This is an awful situation to be in, however, if she does not choose, then both of her children would end up being killed. This result is unimaginable. Ethical formalism and a utilitarianism approach would solve the issue two different ways. Ethical formalism would suggest that the mother does not choose between her children. It is not right to make a mother choose between her children. Ethical formalism would say the right thing to do is save both children. The mother could have lied and said the children were old enough to work, and therefore, they could have a more promising chance at being saved, rather than facing the gas chambers.
On the other hand, utilitarianism focuses around the greatest good results with happiness for the greatest number of people. For example, this approach would lead the mother to choose between her children, and put one of them through the gas chamber. This approach would save one life, rather than destroying two. The mother would still have one of her children, and the other would take its chances. The benefit to this approach would be that one of her children is saved, and she did not let both of them get killed.
Each of these situations would be extremely difficult to handle. The mother would take a change either way she chooses. She would be responsible for the death of her loved ones if she does not choose, but if she chooses, one of her children must go through the gas chambers.
I will also go over the debate on whether the United States had to…...

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