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network and distribution
CIS3003 2013 Assignment 3 Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Due date Assignment 3 100 30% Due Data 31 May 2013 For the third assignment you need to write a single report not more than 20 pages in the body. Read the section describing the formatting requirements for the assignment carefully. Report Part A (80%): Security in Mobile Systems, Virtualization and Clouds Our organisation, after implementing mobile services has discovered that a lot of the expected benefits have not been achieved. While the staff agree and can see how the new untethered access to business data and services can help in their day to day activities the overhead of using the services due to authentication has made the system poorly accepted. The security mechanism was imposed to limit the likelihood of having long term connections from external partners which may be abused by external entities. The organisation has a large number of external business partners who regularly connect to the organisation resources as part of cooperative business processes. After the appointment of an external consultant specialising in dealing with user productivity and business network design a number of problems were highlighted. Firstly, the system was designed so that the security management was pushed onto the mobile devices making the use of the service disruptive to the users. The accessing of different services while using mobile devices required a separate login in to each service. Not only that, but prolonged inactivity would shut down the connection to the mobile device requiring a twostep process to re-establish a connection to the device then reconnection to the service. Secondly, to implement the new network design making the data more accessible from various parts of the network resulted in explosion in the number of duplicated physical servers on the system. Most of the time…...

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