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Analysis of Financial Statements of Coca Cola
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Table of Contents

Introduction 2

Introduction of Company 2

Discussion 3

Analysis of Balance Sheet 3

Defined Contribution Plan 4

Basic and Dilutive EPS 4

Share-Based Compensation 5

Analysis of Cash Flow Statement 6

Conclusion 7

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Analysis of Financial Statements of Coca Cola


The subject, Analysis of Financial Statements is very important in many ways. It helps us to develop certain techniques about the analysis of financial statements of companies. Investors can use these techniques to identify certain trends and can manage their investments. This analysis is based on the financial statements of Coca Cola. It is a beverages company with operations in many parts of the world. This analysis will help the readers to get insight to this company. This analysis will cover all fundamental financial statements of Coca Cola. It will start with the analysis of the balance sheet items and will conclude with cash flow statement. The analysis will cover all the necessary aspects needed to draw ingenious results.

Introduction of Company

Coca Cola first started in 1886, in Atlanta. Johan Pemberton, a pharmacist introduced this drink and was later named as Coca-Cola. The sale of Coca Cola stated through Jacob’s pharmacy with 5 cent a glass. They sold only nine glasses a day. From then on, the company started to move forward, and it never looked back. The company registered its trademark, Coca-Cola, in the year 1893 in the patent office of United States. Now the company has multiple brands in the market. The famous brands include Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Coke Diet, Coca Cola zero and Minute Maid. There are few others, but they are not very much famous. The company…...

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