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Equal opportunities in education means to offer equal access to the learning experience for any race, gender, age , sexual oriantion, religion and social background. equal opportunities for education applies for all of us, and to all groups of communities . ethnic minorities, asylum seeker, old people, young offender and for the those with special needs Equal opportunities in education applies to all groups of people and communities, and all schools must expand their opportunities for all students so that they are able to reach their individual potential. Education is important for everyone, and it should also be equel for all of us and it should give us opportunities to learn whatever we want,

Why is education important .
Educations is the moste important part of peoples lives. In today's society, we are very dependent on education, without education is not easy to get a job or success in life, but there are also many reasons why education is important. Education provides us many open doors in the future and the options is great when it comes to careers opportunities .
Education can make your dreams into realilty and develope personal growth and better quality of life. Educations will also help us economically and the benefits of education are endless.

Getting education should be possible for all of us, the children in africa and asia and however poor countries should be given the opportunity of education as the children in Norway, USA and Britain. If these children dont get education opportunities like the children in these countries, it will be difficult for them to succed in the modern world we live. For the asia and africa`s children , education represents the only way out of a life of poverty .

At the start of a young age, children learn to develop and use mental, moral and physical abilities through…...

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