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Cummins Inc., is a world leader in manufacturing, designing, servicing, and selling diesel engines and diesel technologies around the globe. Cummins works with its customers through a distribution network of both company owned and independent distributors. Clessie Lyle Cummins built his first steam engine in rural Indiana. With the backing of banker William G. Irwin in the year 1919, Clessie founded the Cummins engine Company in Columbus Indiana. These men together built the first company that would take advantage of the technology developed by the German Engineer Rudolf Diesel from the late 1800’s and Cummins is still thriving today.
Cummins Inc. has three overarching business objectives: 1.) Achieve Financial target over the quarters. To succeed and grow into the future, we must demonstrate performance by consistently meeting or succeeding our financial targets. 2.) Be the first choice of customers. Cummins success depends solely on our customers. As we succeed in our ability to help them, they will view Cummins as a partner in their success and we will then become their first choice in our competitive market place. 3.) Be a great place to work. The ability of Cummins Inc. to achieve these objectives is based on our workforce. Cummins Inc. must be able to attract, develop and retain the skills need to pursue the first two objectives.
The subset or divisional leadership that I will be analyzing is the Eastern Distribution center materials planning team which includes the EDC Site Materials leader, and staff. This site manager controls inventory assets to support achievement of customer service and asset management objectives for the Cummins Filtration division.
Our Cummins Inc. culture is that all employees take responsibility for ethical behavior and are asked speak up if they have a concern. Together we are a rich with diversity and views. Each…...

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