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Formal Research vs Business Proposal

Latasha Jenkins

MGT 600-1102A-06
Dr. Hal Graff
May 1, 2011

Abstract In this paper, I will compare formal research and business proposals and maintain that formal research is academic in nature while a business proposal has a more practical orientation to it. I will also discuss the most important difference between formal research and business proposals is that formal research has no financial implications while financial implications are the most important characteristics of business proposals. I will also point out that the main objective of a business proposal is to identify a need which must be addressed in order to generate either financial savings or greater revenue, while such financial implications are not relevant in formal research. Formal research is not concerned with generating findings that are practicable. I have concluded that formal research generates a wide variety of findings that may be made applicable in a wide variety of contexts. Further, I also noted that the advantage of business proposals is that they contextualize the findings from formal research in an existing organizational structure.

Business Proposal vs Formal Research
1. Introduction Formal research basically is a systematic and organized effort to investigate a specific problem or test a hypothesis. The goal here is to find answers to the issues that concern managers at work which is done in a controlled environment, where the actions could have various outcomes (Sekaran, 2009). The actions could be repeated indefinitely under same condition and could occur unpredictably. One should clearly identify an area of problem that exist then gather information, analyze the data, and determine factors associated with the problem and take necessary steps to solve the problem (Sekaran, 2009). On the other hand…...

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