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I am using this opportunity to express my gratitude to everyone who supported me throughout the assignment of this Business Environment assignment. I am thankful for their aspiring guidance, invaluably constructive criticism and friendly advice during the assignment. I am sincerely grateful to them for sharing their truthful and illuminating views on a number of issues related to the assignment.

I would also like to thank my lecturer Mr. Ahmed Hamza, who helped me a lot to finish this assignment in a good manner and all the people who provided me with the facilities being required and conductive conditions for this assignment.

Contents I. Assignment specification [ II ] II. Acknowledgement III III. Contents [ IV ] - [ V ] IV. Introduction [ VI ]
Task 01
1.1 Different type of Organizations 1 - 9
1.2 TK Maxx Stakeholders 9 - 16
1.3 TK Maxx responsibilities 17 Task 02
2.1 Economic Systems 18 - 26 2.2 Economic Policies 26 - 31
2.3 impact of competition policy
Task 03
3.1 Market Structures 33 – 41
3.2Best market structure for my business 42 - 47
3.3 Role of competition 48 – 60
3.4 Impact of Government on business 61 - 63

Task 04
4.1 Important factors of International trade 64 - 66
4.2European Union Policies 67 - 70
4.3 Entering in to new market 71 -72
References 73
End of assignment


This unit aims to help the learner become an effective and confident self-directed employee. This helps the learner become confident in managing own personal and professional skills to achieve personal and career goals. This unit is designed to enable learners to assess and develop a range of professional and personal skills in order…...

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...What Is Business Environment? Meaning: - The term Business Environment is composed of two words ‘Business’ and ‘Environment’. In simple terms, the state in which a person remains busy is known as Business. The word Business in its economic sense means human activities like production, extraction or purchase or sales of goods that are performed for earning profits. On the other hand, the word ‘Environment’ refers to the aspects of surroundings. Therefore, Business Environment may be defined as a set of conditions – Social, Legal, Economical, Political or Institutional that are uncontrollable in nature and affects the functioning of organization. Business Environment has two components: 1. Internal Environment 2. External Environment Internal Environment: It includes 5 Ms i.e. man, material, money, machinery and management, usually within the control of business. Business can make changes in these factors according to the change in the functioning of enterprise. External Environment: Those factors which are beyond the control of business enterprise are included in external environment. These factors are: Government and Legal factors, Geo-Physical Factors, Political Factors, Socio-Cultural Factors, Demo-Graphical factors etc. It is of two Types: 1. Micro/Operating Environment 2. Macro/General Environment Micro/Operating Environment: The environment which is close to business and affects its capacity to work is known as Micro or Operating Environment. It consists of......

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...The Business environment The Business Environment 1. Role of Business in the economy The economy favors the existence of businesses, without one the other cannot exist. As they cover all sectors of industry and all walks of society, businesses have come to define the way modern free market or capitalistic economies are setup. The framework and design of various businesses transcends different settings and purposes. The common denominator is for the achievement of set goals, whether it is for profit or not for profit. These settings may be in many industries, such as agriculture, banking, healthcare and manufacturing as well as in the grand scheme of things the national economy itself can be viewed as a business. In earlier in the history of mankind certain activities have been born due to the necessity of running businesses, banking for the funds raised by profits, manufacturing for products to be sold and consumed to complete the retail chain; humanity and business have become synonymous. Throughout history times have been changing meanwhile, business has been changing with them. Economic specialists describe resources manpower, capital, land and entrepreneurship put into the mix to result in the basic business model. As a result civilizations have made commercial activities that come with business their mainstay and this is a prominent role that business plays the modern economy. It drives production, with the trade of the goods and services for value. This...

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... 1. Introduction page 2 2. The external environment page 3 3. Three models of relations between the company and the external environment page 7 4. Analysis of internal environment page 8 5. Conclusion page 9 6. References page 9 1. INTRODUCTION From the characteristics of the company as a technological and open economic system, it follows that the relations with the surroundings are basis of its operation and development. Just like the company that is subject to changes, so is the environment, which leads to changes of mutual and dependent direct and indirect relationships. The environment is a factor in the survival and effectiveness of the function and effectiveness of enterprise development. Creating a proper business and social environment in which firms operate normally, grow and develop is the permanent task of any government if it wants to ensure economic growth and prosperity of the country. It is beyond any doubt that the developed market environment is the starting point for the construction of the market system. You need to know that the institutional arrangements and economic and systemic mechanisms in successful economies of most developed countries (Japan, USA, Germany ...) essentially differ with each other. Thus, we conclude that there is no universal model of the economy that can be applied to any other country. Immediate environment consists of internal and external stakeholders.......

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...The Business Environment At the end of the lesson you should be able to: 1. Analyze the nature of organization being a system of inter-dependency 2. Understand how the environment influences the way business work The environment is the totality of surrounding conditions alias he sum total of all the external conditions that effect an organism, community, material, or energy. Business Environment of an organization refers to the elements that affect the achievement of it aims. Change in environment will affect both its input and output. The two parts of a business environment are: a) Internal Environment: Controllable Environment that comprises of the following: * Organisational objectives & business activities - Must be clear and be the guidance for the whole business operation. Clearly seen through the company’s mission statement Mission Statement: A statement of (1) what the organization wants to accomplish, (2) how the organization uniquely meets its targeted customers’ needs with its product & services. * Financial resources & cost structure - avoid risk of half way projects, a waste of energy if planning is done for nothing - Example: Money, Labour, Materials and Equipments * The organisation's skills & capabilities - Production, Management, Marketing, Research & Development, Finance, Others (e.g. vendors) b) External Environment: Non-Controllable Environment * The Economic Environment: Free......

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... Business environment Introduction Business environment is the combination of two factors internal and external. These two factors influence a company’s operating situation. In other words business environment is the sum of living person, location and natural resources. In business environment internal factors include five M’s such as, man, material, money, machine and management. These internal factors change the function of business. External factor are those factors which are beyond the control of business enterprise. These external factors are government factors, legal factors, physical factors and demographical factors. External environment or factors are also two types, micro environment and macro environment. Micro environment consist of suppliers, customers, market intermediaries, competitors and public. Micro environment is also known as operating environment. Another external environment or factors macro environment consists of non-economic environment, political environment, technological environment and socio-cultural environment etc. Business environment has some typical characteristics. It is a constantly changing system. Both short term and long term impact works on business environment. One of the most important characteristics of business environment is uncertainty. Task1 1(a) Identify the purposes of different types of organization There are many different types of organization in our socio-economic life. One organization is different from another......

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...HND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT LECTURER: MR TAIWO OLAJUMOKE BATCH: 11 LEVEL: 4 BY SHAHZAD MIRZA UKCBC PARK ROYAL LONDON ID: 12878-RB HND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT LECTURER: MR TAIWO OLAJUMOKE BATCH: 11 LEVEL: 4 BUSINESS ENVIROMENT | Introduction | 3 | 1.1 | Identify the purpose of organisations | 3-4 | 1.2 | Describe to which extent Iceland Supermarket Ltd meets objectives of its different stakeholders. | 5-6 | 1.3 | Explain various responsibilities of Iceland | 7 | 2.1 | Different economic systems | 8-9 | 2.2 | Fiscal and monetary policy | 10-12 | 2.3 | Competition policy and other regulatory mechanism | 13-14 | 3.1 | Market structures determine the pricing and output decisions | 15-21 | 3.2 | Which market forces shape Iceland Supermarket responses | 21-22 | 3.3 | How the business and cultural environments shape the behaviour of Iceland | 22-23 | 4.1 | Significance of international trade to Iceland Supermarket | 23 | 4.2 | Impact of global factors on Iceland Supermarket | 24 | 4.3 | Impact of policies of the European Union on Iceland Supermarket | 25 | | Conclusion | 26 | | References “ | 27 | CONTENTS “ Introduction of Business......

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...Unit Title: The Business Environment Guided Learning Hours: 160 Level: Level 5 Number of Credits: 18 Learning Outcome 1 The learner will: Understand the significance of the environment on business activity. Assessment Criteria The learner can: Indicative Content 1.1 Explain the features of business activity. 1.1.1 Explain the business organisation as a transformation process. 1.1.2 Describe the different ways in which a business may structure its activities. 1.2 Discuss the complex interactions that operate between a business and its environment. 1.2.1 Discuss the complexity, volatility and uniqueness of an organisation's environment. 1.2.2 Explain the influence of shareholders on the internal environment of an organisation. 1.2.3 Outline the nature of the external environment (PEST). 1.3 Explain the need for change and its management within an individual business. 1.3.1 Discuss the need to monitor changes in the external environment. 1.3.2 Discuss the implications of environmental change for a business, its stakeholders and society. 1.3.3 Explain reasons for resistance to change by firms, managers and employees. 1.3.4 Describe ways in which resistance to change may be overcome. Learning Outcome 2 The learner will: Understand the structure and organisation of business. Assessment Criteria The learner can: Indicative Content 2.1 Discuss the impact of industrial and legal structure and size on organisational behaviour. 2.1.1 Classify...

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: Business Environment the business and cultural environments affects organisation 12 7.1Give an understanding of how "business" and "cultural" affects The Body Shop 13 7.2Show why "business" and "cultural" environments are important to The Body Shop 14 7.3 Summary 15 8.Conclusion 16 9.Reference 17 1.Introduction This assignment mainly requires me to identity the purpose of an organization and investigate the behaviors of organisations and the market environment. It asks me to use 6 outcome points to discuss The Body Shop, let me know more about The Body Shop’s culture and business, improve my ability to analyze the brand, training my marketing skills.Certainly, I will try my best to do it by internet, book, magazine and so on and get a good marks as well. 2. Identify the purposes of different types of organisation. In this part, we are going to talk about the purposes of different types of organisation, We will firstly introduce different types of organisation. * 2.1 Differentiate the types of organizations There are many different types of organisations. Following the categories can classify in a variety of ways, including: Size、Type of industry、Sector、Legal status. * Size:Large、medium、small * Type of industry:Primary、secondary、tertiary * Sector:Private sector、public sector、Voluntary sector * Legal status:Sole trader、partnership、Limited company * And I will focus on sole trader、partnership and limited company * Sole trades are a business......

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