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Orgazmz' Hiring Methods and Requirements
By Autumn Bryant
Small Business Management

Running a business has its perks we all know. This means we are living our dreams doing what we want. Living your own dream does however come with many challenges. One of those challenges is by deciding if use of employees is going to be required. Orgazmz' will require the need to hire employees because it is to much work for a bar to be ran solely by one person. There are three main positions, which will need to be filled. A manager will need to be hired as well as a full time bartender and also a part time bartender. Of course there will be other positions down the road that will need to be filled as business picks up, like waitresses and musicians. A manager is the most important part. He/she is going to be the go to person to deal with many of the everyday functions of the daily business. He/she will report directly to me (the owner). This will be a full-time position, which is 40+ hours a week. The manager can work the hours of 9am to 6pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays. He/she can work 6pm to close (2am) Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. As business picks up and profits start making good margins then there will be possibilities for possible benefits like medical, dental, and vision. The manager would be paid differently as the other employees because of the higher position. He/she will be paid beginning salary of $30,000-$40,000 a year plus tips.
This position will require a mixology degree as well as a minimum of an associate’s degree in business management or accounting. This is a very detail oriented job so that will definitely need to be a requirement. Great customer service will be mandatory. I will not want customers to not want to come into the establishment because they do not like the negative attitude of the bartender. Cooking skills is mandatory and…...

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