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1. In the text, Maritz Research offers criteria for customer-satisfaction scales. Which of the following is NOT one of the criteria? a. be reliable b. be valid c. apply to a specific product or service d. be easy for respondents to relate to e. be symmetrically unbalanced

Answer: (c) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 268

2. What are the basic question-response formats? a. unprobed, probed, and neutral b. open-ended, closed-ended, and skip patterned c. open-ended, closed-ended, and scaled-response d. closed-ended, continuous, open-ended e. open-ended, probed, general

Answer: (c) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 270

3. The question "What was your reaction to the Sony CD player advertisement you saw on television?" is an example of which response format? a. unprobed, open-ended b. unprobed, closed-ended c. scaled-response d. ad reaction measurement e. probed response

Answer: (a) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 271

4. If a researcher wanted the respondent to simply answer an open-ended question with no additional information, he/she would likely use a(n): a. open-ended, unprobed format b. open-ended, probed format c. closed-ended, probed format d. continuous response format e. general format

Answer: (a) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 271

5. Which of the following encourages the respondent to provide information beyond the initial and possibly superficial first comments? a. open-ended, unprobed format b. closed-ended, exploratory format c. deductive probed d. optional format e. open-ended, probed format

Answer: (e) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 271

6. Which of the following formats provides response options to questions on the questionnaire? a. response options format b. closed-ended format c. open-ended format d. probed format e. optional format

Answer: (b) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 271

7. Which of the following formats has only two response options? a. the twins format b. dichotomous closed-ended format c. the dual format d. the di-format e. the bi-format

Answer: (b) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 271

8. A scale on which all of the scale positions, say 1 through 5, are identified with some descriptor is called: a. a descriptor scale format b. a labeled scaled-response format c. a numerical/descriptor format d. a numeric identifier e. no such scale exists

Answer: (b) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 272

9. Your textbook suggested several considerations in deciding on the proper response format for a study. Which one of the following was discussed by your authors? a. what will be the most cost-effective format b. the ability of the researcher c. keeping data analysis requirements limited to descriptive statistics d. keeping the length of the questionnaire to one page or less e. what response format was used in a previous study with which we wish to compare results

Answer: (e) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 272

10. For subjective properties such as "liking for chocolate," which response format would likely be best? a. closed-ended b. dual-response c. scaled-response d. the "liking index" response format e. objective response

Answer: (c) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 272

11. Which of the following is defined as determining if and how much of a property is possessed by an object? a. scale level b. attributes of properties c. subjective and objective properties d. measurement e. intensity determination

Answer: (d) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 273

12. Researchers measure ________ of ________. a. properties/objects b. numbers/customers c. objects/measurements d. objects/properties e. types/products

Answer: (a) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 273

13. Age, income, gender, and interest in buying product X would all be considered ________ of the consumer, or object. a. description b. properties c. subjective descriptors d. objectives descriptors e. commonalities

Answer: (b) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 273

14. If we were measuring age, income, height, number of bottles purchased, and so on, we would be measuring: a. objective properties b. subjective properties c. objective objects d. subjective objects e. none of the above

Answer: (a) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 274

15. Which of the following refers to a unique descriptor, or label, to stand for each designation on the scale? a. description b. order c. distance d. origin e. label designation

Answer: (a) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 275

16. Which of the following refers to the relative sizes of the descriptors? a. description b. order c. distance d. origin e. relativity

Answer: (b) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 275

17. When we have less-than, greater-than, and/or equal to, we have: a. description b. order c. distance d. origin e. timelines

Answer: (b) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 275
18. Which of the following refers to a scale having a true zero beginning point? a. description b. order c. distance d. origin e. start point

Answer: (d) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 275

19. Which single characteristic is unique to nominal level of measurement? a. description b. order c. distance d. origin e. numbers

Answer: (a) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 276

20. If the distance between the 2 and the 3 and the 6 and the 7 on a scale are equal, the scale would likely be at least: a. nominal b. ordinal c. interval d. ratio e. equality

Answer: (c) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 276

21. Which characteristic is associated only with ratio scales? a. description b. order c. distance d. origin e. ratiocination

Answer: (d) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 278

22. A question that asks how much you would be willing to pay in annual premium for a $100,000 life insurance policy would be scaled as: a. nominal b. ordinal c. interval d. ratio e. None of the above

Answer: (d) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 278

23. A question that asks the age of a respondent in years would be scaled as: a. nominal b. ordinal c. interval d. ratio e. age-related

Answer: (d) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 278

24. Understanding the measurement level of a scale is important because it: a. is said to be important by statisticians b. tells us what we can/cannot say about the object's properties being measured c. tells us what we can/cannot say about the object's properties being measured as well as dictating the type of statistical analysis that may be performed d. dictates the type of statistical analysis that may be performed as well as being important in terms of communicating the results to the client in a manner that facilitates a clear presentation e. lets us know how expensive a project will be

Answer: (c) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 279

25. Because they measure psychological constructs of consumers, such as attitudes, opinions, and so on, and because these constructs exist on a continuum, scaled-response question formats are most useful for measuring: a. physical constructs b. brand name awareness c. sales d. unobservable constructs e. None of the above

Answer: (d) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 279

26. A scale ranging on a continuum from one extreme (i.e. very satisfied, strongly agree) to the other extreme (i.e. very dissatisfied, strongly disagree) and having a neutral position is known as a(n): a. intensity metered scale b. extremism scale c. bipolar scale d. balanced scale e. neutral-centrist scale

Answer: (d) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 280

27. Which scaled-response form asks respondents to indicate their degree of agreement or disagreement with a statement? a. agreement inventory b. semantic differential c. constant sum scale d. modified Likert scale e. degree scale

Answer: (d) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 281

28. Which type of scaled-response format measures activities, interests, and opinions? a. constant sum scale b. lifestyle inventory c. semantic differential scale d. percentage scale e. graphic intensity scale

Answer: (b) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 281

29. Which type of scaled-response format contains bipolar words such as "hot–cold," "wet–dry," "convenient–inconvenient," and so on? a. constant sum scale b. life-style inventory c. semantic differential scale d. graphic intensity e. percentage scale

Answer: (c) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 283

30. The "halo effect" is best avoided by: a. doing a couple of things wrong during the entire research project b. flipping favorable and unfavorable endpoints on different scale items c. flipping "bad" scales to the back of the survey to encourage a good response before the respondents get to the bad questions d. using only percentage scales e. using only closed-ended questions

Answer: (b) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 283

31. Which of the following scaled-response formats is good for measuring store, company, or brand images because profiles may be generated to easily depict the image? a. constant sum scale b. lifestyle inventory c. semantic differential scale d. image analysis scales e. None of the above

Answer: (c) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 283

32. Some researchers believe that a mid-point, or neutral position, should NOT be included in a scale question because: a. it violates the statistical assumption of symmetry b. it creates an odd number c. it allows respondents to dodge or hide their feelings d. it creates a problem in trying to code the scale items e. it creates a problem in terms of how you value the mid-point in the calculation of statistics

Answer: (c) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 286

33. Using a line or pictures to indicate the intensity of response would be used in which type of scaled-response question formats? a. graphic rating scale b. line/pictorial scale c. staple scale d. itemized rating scale e. intensity scale

Answer: (a) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 286

34. A question on a survey asks "How many of the following kitchen appliances are in your kitchen?" and respondents are given a list of appliances and asked to check all those that apply. The researcher who counts the number of checks and adds them up to measure the construct "kitchen appliance ownership" would be using a(n): a. demographic scale b. anchored scale c. Likert scale d. summated scale e. graphic intensity scale

Answer: (d) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 287

35. A scale consists of 5 points and there are labels only on each end of the 5-point continuum. This is an example of a(n): a. minimal labeled 5-point scale b. 5-point unanchored scale c. summated scale d. graphic rating scale e. anchored scale

Answer: (e) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 289

36. Reader's Digest conducts an annual survey across 18 different European countries and asks respondents to rate brands across 30 product categories. The questions ask the consumers to rate the brands from 1 to 5 on each of the following: quality, value, strong image, and understanding consumer needs. This is an example of: a. an anchored scale b. an unanchored scale c. a summated scale d. a staple scale e. a graphic intensity scale

Answer: (b) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 289

37. Which of the following best illustrates the concept of reliability of measurement? a. the tendency to respond in the same manner to different questions b. the ability of the measurement to elicit an identical or very similar response from the same person with successive administrations c. the ability to repeat the same response time and again to different questions d. a measure that is truthful e. a measurement that is relative to what actually is

Answer: (b) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 290

38. If a question is designed to measure a construct, say "intentions to buy a new product," and the question appears to ask this in a straightforward manner, the measurement would be said to have: a. reliability b. validity c. face validity d. appearance value e. None of the above

Answer: (c) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 290

39. Validity is best illustrated by which of the following statements? a. accuracy or truthfulness of the measurement b. the extent to which the reliability coefficient approaches .5 c. the ability to repeat measurements d. tendency to respond in the same manner to different questions e. None of the above

Answer: (a) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 290

40. Which type of validity is concerned with the degree to which a measurement "looks like" its measuring that which it is intended to measure? a. face validity b. predictive validity c. convergent validity d. discriminant validity e. relative validity

Answer: (a) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 290


41. A measurement of the construct of customer satisfaction should be valid, meaning that it should actually measure how satisfied customers are.

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 268

42. A 5-point scale that is "anchored" means that each scale point is given a verbal description.

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 269

43. An open-ended question presents no response options to the respondent.

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 270

44. A multiple category, closed-ended question has more than two response options.

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 271

45. All scaled-response questions must be labeled.

Answer: (False) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 271

46. Sometimes the nature of the property being measured determines the question response format, that is, gender is either male or female; a dichotomous, closed ended format is appropriate.

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 271

47. All response formats are easy and straightforward. All consumers should be able to answer any of them and, therefore, ability of the respondent is not really a consideration in determining the response format.

Answer: (False) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 272

48. We attempt to measure the properties—sometimes called attributes or qualities—of objects.

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 273

49. Subjective properties are observable and tangible.

Answer: (False) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 274

50. A scale that is simply "yes" or "no" is said to have origin.

Answer: (False) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 275

51. The terms greater than or less than refer to the scale characteristic known as order.

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 275

52. When the distances between scale descriptors are absolute and known, the scale is said to possess the characteristic of description.

Answer: (False) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 275

53. Categorical scales represent scales that are either nominal or ordinal.

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 276

54. Metric scales represent scales that are either nominal or ordinal.

Answer: (False) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 276

55. When a scale has a "true zero," it is a nominal scale.

Answer: (False) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 276

56. Because the highest level scale, ratio, possesses all of the scale characteristics, we should use ratio scales for only research purposes.

Answer: (False) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 279

57. Scaled-response questions are best suited for unobservable constructs.

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 279

58. Because every research project is different, it is wise to develop a new and novel scale format to suit the particular needs of the existing situation.

Answer: (False) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 280

59. A scale that asks consumers the extent to which they agree or disagree with the statement that Levi's 501 are good looking is a modified Likert scale.

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 281

60. The lifestyle inventory is a special application of the modified Likert scale in that it measures activities, interests, and opinions using the Likert question form.

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 281

61. The constant sum scale is regarded as the best scale for identifying differences in images between companies, stores, or brands.

Answer: (False) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 283

62. A consumer likes the restaurant Red Lobster and so answers "Very Satisfied" to a survey about many dimensions of the restaurant without really paying attention to each specific dimension, such as price, product quality, atmosphere, and so on. This is an example of what is known as the "halo effect."

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 284

63. One of the appealing aspects of the semantic differential scale is that the researcher may compute averages and then plot them on the scale creating a "profile" of the object being measured, that is, store, brand, and so on.

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 284

64. Different cultures tend to respond differently to scales, and a scale developed in Western culture may not be automatically transferred to other cultures.

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 285

65. All scaled-response formats must have a middle, neutral response option.

Answer: (False) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 286

66. A completely symmetric scale is one that has the same number of "positive" scale positions as "negative" scale positions.

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 286

67. Marketing researchers have commonly used methods of measuring certain constructs such as importance, store image, and intention to purchase.

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 287

68. An unreliable measure will obtain different responses from respondents who have identical feelings or opinions. Therefore, the marketing researcher cannot place any faith in unreliable measures; they are meaningless numbers.

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 290

69. A scale that measures a construct, say satisfaction, by stating "Please rate your satisfaction with brand x on a scale from 1 to 10" is an example of an anchored scale.

Answer: (False) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 289

70. Researchers agree that a 5-point scale is the optimum number of scale positions to use to measure constructs.

Answer: (False) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 289

71. A respondent has an income of less than $10,000 but states he earns more than $100,000 during an interview. This is an example of low-reliability.

Answer: (False) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 290

72. Face validity simply means that the measurement "looks like" it's measuring what it is intended to measure.

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Easy) Page: 290

73. It is possible to have a reliable measure that is invalid.

Answer: (True) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 290

74. Reliable and valid scales are useful in marketing research but they do not represent any kind of ethical issue for marketing researchers.

Answer: (False) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 290


75. In a survey for ACME Electric Co., Ralph Thomas asks the following questions: "What is your gender? Male –Female" and "How much do you estimate your monthly electric bill to be? $___." In the first question regarding gender, the answers are composed of a small number of distinct values or categories. In the second question, the answers are composed of numbers that have an "underlying measurement continuum." How would you classify these two questions in terms of the type of scale each represents? a. closed ended, scaled response b. closed ended, semantic dollar scale c. categorical, meteorological d. categorical, metric e. closed ended, metric

Answer: (d) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 276

76. Rick Irizarry of Irizarry Insurance Company is conducting a survey of potential customers. One of his questions asks how much customers would be willing to pay in annual premium for a $100,000 life insurance policy in the following way: Check appropriate category: ___ $1 to $10 month ___ $11 to $20 month ___ $21 to $30 month ___ $31 to $40 month ___ $41 to $50 month

Rick should consider the level of the measurement scale to be: a. nominal b. ordinal c. interval d. ratio e. None of the above

Answer: (c) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 276

77. Rick Irizarry of Irizarry Insurance Company is conducting a survey of potential customers. Age is an important issue in determining life insurance premiums. Rick considers asking for age in the following way: ___ 16 to 19 ___ 20 to 25 ___ 26 to 35 ___ 36 to 50 ___ over 50

Rick should consider the level of the measurement scale to be: a. nominal b. ordinal c. interval d. ratio e. age-related

Answer: (b) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 276

78. Rick Irizarry of Irizarry Insurance Company is conducting a survey of potential customers. Age is an important issue in determining life insurance premiums. Rick considers asking for age in the following way: How old are you? ___ years?

Rick should consider the level of the measurement scale to be: a. nominal b. ordinal c. interval d. ratio e. categorical

Answer: (d) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 277
79. Sandra Catrioni is a research analyst at Spellman Research Associates. She has just completed a study of customers for Brennan's, a department store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has asked the question, "How much do you believe you spend on an average trip to a department store?" She realizes that the level of the measurement scale of the answer is ratio. However, for her client's presentation, she wants to create categories of the answers and put them in a bar chart. The categories will be of unequal amounts. That is, the first category will be "Less than $10" and the second category will be "$10 to $25," and so on. What effect will this have on the measurement level of the new variable she will create containing the categories? a. nothing; once a ratio scale, always a ratio scale b. the ratio scale will now become an ordinal scale c. the ratio scale will not become an interval scale d. the ratio scale will become a nominal scale e. the ratio scale will become a bar chart scale

Answer: (b) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 275

80. Agnes Montgomery is the director of marketing for Ideal Plastics, Inc. Ideal has distributors all over the world. Last year, Agnes developed a system for measuring the distributors' satisfaction levels with Ideal on 20 different dimensions. Each dimension of company service, such as "Return Policy" and "Ease of Placing an Order," was evaluated by the distributors on a semantic differential scale ranging from "Very Satisfied" to "Very Dissatisfied." Now, several months after implementing the system, Agnes has data to analyze. She noticed that the Asian countries seemed to have different means from the countries in the UK, United States, and western Europe. Agnes looked carefully at the actual scores and saw that Asian distributors seemed to have much stronger feelings, either positively or negatively. Agnes should: a. immediately conduct some exploratory research within the Asian division to determine why he mean scores are so different b. take aggressive action in the Asian division by changing the companies procedures on all the service dimensions having lower means than the other divisions c. view the results between countries with major cultural differences cautiously because different cultural influences affect how individuals respond to scales d. view the results among countries with similar cultures cautiously because differences in means on service dimensions are likely due to reference group influences instead of real differences in company performance e. All of the above

Answer: (c) Difficulty: (Difficult) Page: 285

81. Erik Cartman just took a new position with Colorado Research, Inc. Erik's first customer, the president of a local bank, wanted a bank image study to be conducted that measured not only the client's banks' image but that of his competitors as well. In designing the research project, Erik talked to several of his friends one night about how they viewed their banks. Erik charged the client for this and billed it as "Exploratory Research—Focus Group." The next day Erik tried to remember most of what his friends had told him. Some of the issues were "closeness to home" of branch locations, "cool online banking," and "friendly tellers." Erik took these issues and made up some of his own and put them into a semantic differential scale format. After the research study Erik wrote a report and referred to the semantic differential scale he devised as a "Standard Marketing Research Scale to Measure the Construct of Bank Image." What Erik did was: a. correct; he used exploratory research to generate most of the items for his measurement of bank image b. correct; although he used some of his own opinions, they were based upon experience and he did make use of a focus group c. incorrect; the measurement of bank image was incorrect as bank image should be measured only by using Likert scales d. incorrect; we do not know if the scale Mr. Cartman devised was valid or reliable but he was unethical in presenting the measurement as "standard marketing research" e. correct; Erik saved considerable time and money by creating his own measurement of the construct

Answer: (d) Difficulty: (Moderate) Page: 290…...

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...Nneka Osuagwu American Government August 13, 2014 Burn, Baby, Burnnnn I don’t believe flag-burning is a violation of any law, and correlates with the first amendment. The first amendment states that congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of a religion, abridging the right to freedom of speech or of the press, or the right of people to assemble and petition against the government. The Flag Protection Act was created in opposition to the first amendment, and violated our rights. The destruction of the flag is not to soil the good name of our nation, but to protest certain government policies. Some Americans may feel that flag-burning is disrespectful not only towards our country, but directly to them. They may start to feel offended, but the government cannot prohibit the expression of ideas or freedom of speech just because the ideas are a bit offensive. The first amendment clearly states that congress shall make no law abridging the right to freedom of speech or press. The government cannot diminish our rights the moment we do something they do not like. The amendments were created in order to guarantee basic rights to all Americans, rights that the government cannot take from us. The Flag Protection Act was created in order to strip us from one of our rights, which is very unconstitutional. The destruction of the flag by citizens of America is not done to tarnish the name of our country or to offend other citizens, it’s done to protest certain......

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...Phyllis Rose 10-4-14 Ms. Turner Human Anatomy Physiology Homework 5th period First, Second, And Third Degree Burns A first degree burn is an injury that affects the first layer of the skin. That first layer is called the epidermis layer. The wound description is a minor. It tends to go away in a few days. What can cause a first degree burn are sunburns, scalds, and electricity. The level of pain can increase and swells. If you want to treat your wounds at home, you must use a cool compress over it. The skin may peel as it heals and can take up to 20 days to heal. Always contact you doctor especially for electrical burns. You can sometimes have scars but they can fade away over time. A second degree burn are injuries that affect layers beyond the first layer of skin. The layer that is damaged is called the dermis. The wound description type is extensive. Some second degree burns take longer than three weeks to heal, some takes up more. This type of degree causes the skin to blister and become extremely red and sore. Some blisters pop open, giving it a water like look. There are a lot of thing that can causes a second degree burn. One of them is a chemical burn. Pain can be exquchiating if applied with the wrong application to heal it with. To heal second degree burns, do not use cotton ball wraps and treatments made at home you think can help that you may have questions about that may or may not be safe to used. To treat it, run cool water on the wound for......

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Mccallister & Burns Case Study

...Burns & McCallister Mark Stone Ohio University Legal & Ethical Environment of Business -MBA-560-VC November 20, 2013 Burns & McCallister Ethics & Global Business Being a successful global business is a balancing act. It is easy to assume that what works in America will work abroad. Nothing could be further from the truth. Multi-national companies need to be aware of the unique set of values, customers and traditions of the foreign countries they wish to do business in. Some areas of international business ethics are easier to define than others. For instance when it comes to working environments it is easy to say child labor performed in unsafe and hazardous environments coupled with unreasonable working hours is wrong as it goes against the ethical treatment of human beings but is discrimination against women in business management equally as wrong? Let’s explore this question in more detail. The Dilemma The company Burns & McCallister has come under scrutiny from a series of reports by both the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times regarding their policy on female executives managing accounts in certain nations. This has been surprising since Burns & McCallister is known for their equal treatment of women. Working Mother magazine lists Burns & McCallister as one of the top fifty firms in the United States for employment of working mothers and by Working Woman magazine as one of the top ten firms for women. However, the......

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Dr. Burns

...S DR. NICHOLAS BURNS, DDS w 907D07 Eleni Mitsis prepared this case under the supervision of Professor John Haywood-Farmer solely to provide material for class discussion. The authors do not intend to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of a managerial situation. The authors might have disguised certain names and other identifying information to protect confidentiality. Ivey Management Services prohibits any form of reproduction, storage or transmittal of this material without its written permission. Reproduction of this material is not covered under authorization by any reproduction rights organization. To order copies or request permission to reproduce materials, contact Ivey Publishing, Ivey Management Services, c/o Richard Ivey School of Business, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 3K7; phone (519) 661-3208; fax (519) 661-3882; e-mail Copyright © 2007, Ivey Management Services Version: (A) 2007-03-12 One Friday afternoon in September 2005, Dr. Nicholas Burns, a sole practitioner dentist from Busby, Ontario, was driving home from a continuing education course on gum disease. At the course, he had overheard two dentists discussing Waterlase®, the new dental laser that allowed dentists to perform dental treatments without anaesthesia. One of the two was purchasing this technology. Burns had seen an increasing number of journal articles about the laser in recent years. Although he had wondered whether......

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Robert Burns

...After the death of his father in 1784, Burns inherited the farm but by 1786 he was in terrible financial difficulties: the farm was not successful and he had made two women pregnant. Burns decided to emigrate to Jamaica so to raise the money required for this journey, he published his 'Poems in the Scottish Dialect' in 1786, which was an immediate success. He was persuaded not to leave Scotland by Dr Thomas Blacklock and in 1787 an Edinburgh edition of the poems was published. Ladies and Gentlemen, it falls to me, your allocated Lassie for this evening, to take up the challenge of replying to Ed's toast. And what a great toast it was, so I'd like to thank him very much for being so lovely about us Lassies. Unfortunately it falls to me to lower the tone and talk about men - not that I'm in any way suggesting those two things might go hand in hand. But no, Ed was absolutely right when he said men try to please us women. Yes, they try… But like Sigmund Frued, most men don't know what women want. Some of them get very strange ideas indeed, including Roberts Burns. He wrote a poem called 'Nine Inch Will Please a Lady' - I can't imagine what that's about… Then there's the other lot, with less inches, who think they can compensate by driving a really big car. No, sometimes men just don't get it right. Women might be accused of lack of logic, but we are quite good at dealing with the unexpected. Men sometimes flounder. Burn's father-in-law, for example, who upon hearing that his...

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...Burns- Assessment of such as age and the depth of the burn , bsa, inhalation injury , injury of other special surfaces such as the face the perineum , hands or feet or genital areas as well as medical hx. Burns are classified as : superficial partial thickness --- deep partial thickness--- full thickness injuries, it is important to remember that these are similar to but not the same as first second and third degree burns. Fourth degree burn if used is classified as a full thickness burn that destroys also tendons and muscle usually from high voltage injury or prolonged flame contact. Superficial partial thickness- the epidermis is destroyed or injured and portion of the dermis may be injured to Deep partial thickness – the epidermis is destroyed and the upper layers of the dermis with possible involvement of the deep layers, cap refill and tissue blanching, hair follicle still in tact Full thickness- destroys everything up to and including the underlying tissue of bone and muscle, color ranges from pale white to red and charred brown and black. No sensation due to destruction of the nerve. Wound is leathery no hair or sweat glands. Wound must be grafted to heal BSA: Rule of nines: head is 9, arms are 9, chest is 18 anterior and 18 posterior , belly is 18 anterior and posterior, legs are 18 and genitals are 1. Lund/bowder method is more accurate it determines BSA based on proportion of the area to the whole body and is more precise. Usually is given estimate......

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Apple Peel When Burn

...weeks. Half of the animals also received ursolic acid in their high-fat food. Interestingly, mice whose diet included ursolic acid actually ate more food than mice not getting the supplement, and there was no difference in activity between the two groups. Despite this, the ursolic acid-treated mice gained less weight and their blood sugar level remained near normal. Ursolic acid-treated mice also failed to develop obesity-related fatty liver disease, a common and currently untreatable condition that affects about one in five American adults. Further study showed that ursolic acid consumption increased skeletal muscle, increasing the animals’ strength and endurance, and also boosted the amount of brown fat. Because both muscle and brown fat burn calories, the researchers investigated energy expenditure in the mice and showed that ursolic acid-fed mice burned more calories than mice that didn't get the supplement. "Our study suggests that ursolic acid increases skeletal muscle and brown fat leading to increased calorie burning, which in turn protects against diet-induced obesity, pre-diabetes and fatty liver disease," Adams says. "Brown fat is beneficial and people are trying to figure out ways to increase it. At this point, we don't know how ursolic acid increases brown fat, or if it increases brown fat in healthy mice. And, most importantly, we don't know if ursolic acid will benefit people. Our next step is to determine if ursolic acid can help patients." The......

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Anne Burns

...Anne Burns’ Personal Jihad Anne Burns, a forty-five year old American woman who started a number of businesses in the United States, was hired by a recently established nonprofit organization called ExportJordan. Working with a grant from USAID, ExportJordan’s mission was to further develop local businesses in Jordan in order to capitalize on the recently signed free trade agreement with the United States. Having just sold her last business, and having her two grown children out of the house, Anne and her husband, Don, decided to forgo their empty nest and strike out on a new adventure in the Middle East. Anne and Don did not need to work because the businesses they had created, and sold, provided more than a comfortable living for them. Having many productive years ahead of them, they sought out a unique challenge. Jordan was to be that new challenge. Jordan Jordan is a constitutional monarchy based on heredity. Male descendants of the dynasty of King Abdullah bin al Hussein inherit the throne and rule the country without opposition. The country now called Jordan was created at the end of World War I when the League of Nations gave the territory to the United Kingdom to rule. The UK created a semi-autonomous jurisdiction called the Emirate of Transjordan. In 1946 Transjordan became an independent country and changed its name in 1950 to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The country is presently ruled by King Abdullah II, a western educated and progressive......

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Barnet Burns

...Barnet Burns Barnet Burns Barnet Burns appears to have been in Liverpool, England in the year 1806 or 1807. He later became to be one of the first Pakeha Maori. He spent his life as a trader, sailor and showman and also gave lectures when he returned to England, after visiting New Zealand, describing the customs of the Maori and recounting his memories of New Zealand. He started sailing the seas at just the age of 13 or 14 as a cabin-boy. He then stayed in Jamaica under the service of Lewis Lecesne, a merchant. Barnet then continued to follow him back to England as was placed in a Lancastrian school in London. In the late 1820’s, Burns sailed from England onboard the Wilna, spending some time abroad while he was transferred to the Nimrod, bound for Sydney, as a steward. During the years in which he stayed in Australia, he worked for the Bank of Australia and about the year of 1830, he came on a journey aboard the Elizabeth to New Zealand which departed from Sydney on 23rd July 1830 on a voyage meant for the trading of flax. During the eight months or so of time he spent in New Zealand, he witnessed the many Maori cultures, customs and the language. On 5th January 1831, the Elizabeth returned to Sydney. Once in Australia, he then shortly appeared before the police where he was convicted of gross sexual assault. However, he returned back to New Zealand the following month. The Sydney merchant, Joseph Barrow Monetefiore required flax traders to be located at several......

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