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Highlights of Budget-Special Issue of Newsflash

(1) Banking Sector ▪ Requirement to infuse [pic]2,40,000 crore as equity by 2018 in our banks to be in line with Basel-III norms. ▪ Capital of banks to be raised by increasing the shareholding of the people in a phased manner ▪ Six new Debt Recovery Tribunals to be set up. ▪ For venture capital in the MSME sector, a [pic]10,000 crore fund to act as a catalyst to attract private Capital by way of providing equity , quasi equity, soft loans and other risk capital for start-up companies with suitable tax incentives to participating private funds to be established. ▪ RBI to create a framework for licensing small banks and other differentiated banks. ▪ Banks to be encouraged to extend long term loans to infrastructure sector with flexible structuring. Simplification of norms to facilitate education loans for higher studies.

(2) OTHER ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL INITIATIVES ▪ The composite cap of foreign investment to be raised to 49 per cent with full Indian management and control through the FIPB route. ▪ Introduction of uniform KYC norms and inter-usability of the KYC records across the entire financial sector. ▪ Requirement of the built up area and capital conditions for FDI to be reduced from 50,000 square metres to 20,000 square metres and from USD 10 million to USD 5 million respectively for development of smart cities. ▪ The composite cap in the insurance sector to be increased up to 49 per cent from 26 per cent with full Indian management and control through the FIPB route. ▪ [pic]100 crore provided for setting up virtual classrooms as Communication Linked Interface for Cultivating Knowledge (CLICK) and online courses. ▪ PSU will invest through capital investment a total sum of [pic] 2,47,941 crores in the current financial year. ▪ A sum of [pic]4000 crores for NHB from the priority…...

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