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Brilliant Public Speaking Paper
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Brilliant Speaking
The video really addresses many of the facets that have been highlighted in our readings. It addresses that the qualities of a successful speaker of a small group are also the same qualities that are found in a speaker of large crowds. These qualities are needed in the workplace, and can help establish positive communication in the work team. Speaking is our primary method of communication when in person. So the most important part of communication is getting the message across. The video addresses how many people have a terrible fear of public speaking. The video claims that many people fear public speaking over death itself. I have a very hard time believing that, since a person could easily exaggerate their phobia. One of the practices that would be most relevant to my experience and fears would be to remember to make eye contact with the audience, and smile more. I have a terrible time doing this and I know it. Another great point that was given was to check out your surroundings before you give our speech. This will help you feel more comfortable.
If I was to give advice to someone speaking, I would tell them that the crowd is only human, and that the people came there to listen. So basically be themselves and relax. The video also makes a point that it helps to turn the nervousness into excitement. While I have not done that personally I would be very interested to find out if it works out. Another piece of advice I would give someone would be to know your audience. Doing your best to empathize with the audience will also help you be a successful speaker. The video talks about how the audience can only handle a limited amount of information, but can take limitless amounts of emotional energy and motivation. The video suggests that you capitalize on this…...

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...The Video, Brilliant Public Speaking, relates to the topics this week as public speaking is an important part of communication, and a common need in the workplace, whether it be in front of small groups or large groups, public speaking is something that occurs on a fairly regular basis in the workplace. When listening to the different segments of this video, the section that applied to me the most was the section about overcoming nerves. Anytime that I have had to speak in front of large groups, I instantly am nervous. There are even points where I felt myself stuttering or using small words as filler while I thought about where I was on the subject matter as the nervousness caused my mind to go blank. Some of the techniques that were mentioned in this video that I would like to try to use the next time I have to give a presentation are to smile and practice in the room that I will be presenting in. In the video, it spoke about knowing your surroundings before giving a speech, and while most of the times I have had to do public speaking in a public setting it had been at the same location, I have never tried to practice there first. I feel that this could be a great asset to preparation. Another tool is turning the nerves into excitement by smiling. When I get nervous, I tend not to smile as I am so focused on trying to not be nervous, I forget the basics of facial expressions and how the audience reacts to this. If I had to give someone advice on how to......

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Public Speaking make a really, really powerful presentation. Hi. I'm Cindy Michelle Waterfield. I run the Speakers Company. And I've been working with speakers since 1996, booking, selling, placing, and managing, and helping them to raise the level of their game. Hi. I'm Rob Geraghty from the Wow Factor. I'm a presentations coach and work with business people from leading organizations, such as the BBC, Vodafone, and Apple. I show them how they can deliver their presentation with huge impact and really get their message across to the audience. Hi. I'm Richard Newman. I'm the director of UK Body Talk and author of The It Factor. And I'm very fortunate to be able to travel the world teaching speaking skills. We now have over 12 and 1/2 thousand clients all over Europe, the Middle East, and America. We get speaking engagements from Dubai to Chicago, Orlando, Paris, and Rome. And we also work with the British Parliament and international celebrities. When people are starting to think about doing a speech, most people sit there and they think to themselves, right, what do I want to say? And as soon as you do that, you're completely screwed. Because nobody cares about what you want to say. What they care about is what they want to hear. And so when you sit down to think about the purpose of any kind of speech-- be it a wedding speech, or a keynote speech, or a speech at an interview-- you've got to think about what do people want to hear, and what order do they want to hear it in? And make......

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