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Cannabis, or more commonly or infamously known as Marijuana, is a product of the cannabis plant intended for medicinal purposes or as a psychoactive or recreational drug. While its presence in multiple civilizations and societies have been recorded for quite a while now, the flower has only been subject to legal restrictions only around the beginning of the 20th century. And up to now, it is still widely debated. However, I must with its unrestricting, the freedom of its use and practice. Although marijuana is seen as a drug and a substance that can be abused, for people to gain a better understanding of what marijuana is, they must take into account its medical purposes such as decrease of tension, increase of appetite and patience, and treatment for glaucoma.

One of its easily seen benefits is its capability to decrease tension and overall stress. The fact that it immediately mellows out the inhaler should pinpoint this particular potency of the flower. A study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry finds that cannabis and some cannabinoids are effective anti-emetics and analgesics. Robson (1996) finds that “There is evidence of symptom relief and improved well-being in selected neurological conditions, AIDS and certain cancers. Cannabinoids may reduce anxiety and improve sleep.” What stems from this in built capability to supress the Generalized Anxiety Disorder that’s so popular in our society right now also comes with its ability to reduce the effects of tension and provide relaxation. It should be no surprise that with its historical use as a recreational drug, that people would reach a state of mind that’s very relaxing.

The second set of marijuana’s benefits comes with the effects that come after taking a dose of it. Marijuana stimulates appetite. The research of Tia Taylor for the American College of…...

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