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Sunny Day

The twins were playing hide and catch around the wrecks. It was the first time we’d been allowed out all week and they were going crazy, rushing about in circles, jumping out on each other. I was scared they’d burst out barking, but I left them to it for now. Like Dad says, they have to burn it off somehow, come what may. They looked so happy. A few years ago I’d have played with them, but they’re too fast for me now. These days, I sit on a blanket with the picnic and keep watch while they play. It was a gorgeous day. Sun out, the buddleias all in bloom. Wildflowers everywhere – you never saw so many, it was spectacular. Once the tarmac’s crumbled, these broken up old car parks are the best place for flowers. Butterflies. Birch trees fluttering in the breeze. Birds going about their business. There’s loads of old wrecks still scattered around to hide in, so it’s the perfect place for hide and catch. It was hot – too hot. I moved the blanket into the shade of an old van. I lay back and soaked it all up. It was so quiet – just the sound of the twins’ feet on the ground, the bees and the birdsong. It would have been busy here not so long ago, but now the only one about was old Bull Turner, armed with a gigantic saw, trying to cut a car in half. Every now and then he put down the saw and pulled at the body, trying to tear it like paper. He’s as strong as a . . . well, as strong as an ox. I turned my face into the shadows and panted. It was such a relief, I was boiling. There used to be quite a herd of cowmen around here not so long ago, but Bull’s the last of them. It’s a wonder he’s still alive really. We have a home, a proper one, a den of eight rooms all hidden away underground, but Bull always sleeps out in the open – and he’s so obvious! You can tell at a glance what he is. He knows how to make himself scarce, though. He acts all stupid,…...

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...Blood Disorders: A Painful Disease Amanda Adkins HCA 240 David Rodvien October 13, 2012 Table of Contents Introduction Major Components and Functions of the Blood Lily's Story Davon's Story Spencer's Story Conclusion Blood is a specialized body fluid that is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients, fighting infections, forming blood clots to prevent blood loss, and to regulate the body's temperature. It is made up of four components; plasma, red blood cells, platelets, and white blood cells. Our bodies can experience blood disorders that prevent the blood from doing its job. They can range from acute or chronic illnesses and varies in age. Some blood disorders are inherited while others are caused by poor diets or side effects of certain medications. Lily, Devon, and Spencer are among many experiencing blood disorders. Major Components and Functions of the Blood There are three major components that make up the body's blood; plasma, red blood cells, and platelets. Plasma is the liquid component in the blood. The job of plasma is to transport blood cells throughout the body. The American Society of Hematology (2011) website states that red blood cells make up about half of the body's blood volume. Each red blood cell is made up of hemoglobin, which is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body. ......

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...Blood Disorders Edith Kent HCA/240 5/26/13 Dr. David Rodvein Blood Disorders Iron deficiency anemia Lily is suffering from iron deficiency anemia and more than likely developed this blood disorder from the lack of iron in the food and beverages she consumes in her diet commonly can be described as dietary deficiency of iron. Description Iron deficiency anemia occurs when the body does not have enough iron. Iron is needed to produce hemoglobin which is a part of your red blood cells. The hemoglobin helps carry oxygen throughout your body. Without enough iron in your body it will not be able to produce enough red blood cells therefore can create a lack of oxygen in your body. Symptoms Lily’s symptoms complains of being tired all the time she is also pale and is a picky eater. She is experiencing two of the symptoms that are associated with a severe case of anemia. Other symptoms that are associated with anemia are shortness of breath, headaches, irritability, dizziness, and difficulty concentrating. Lily also is a picky eater so more than likely will exhibit behavioral problems while her mother and doctor are trying to change her diet intake. Causes Not consuming enough foods that are high in iron that an adolescent or pregnant women need to produce enough iron in their body is one of the causes associated with this disorder other causes may include women who bleed heavily during their menstruation, heavy bleeding inside your body that are caused......

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...Truman Capote’s non-fiction novel, In Cold Blood, was a breakthrough in literacy in that it was accredited as the first non-fiction novel. There was a lot of controversy when the book was first published because of the incredibility of the work. This could be expected in that time, because people where not familiar with the concept of non-fiction novels yet, but this is where the beauty of this style of writing lies, the recreation of the truth. It would have been impossible for Capote to have documented the occurrence fully, because he only read about the murder after it had happen, after all, this was not what he wanted to do. Capote got a lot of criticism for the book, because of him bending the truth, putting in scenes that never happened and his ways of gathering information, but people still saw the talent that went into creating the non-fiction novel. Truman Capote will forever be recognized for this novel and the contribution he made to literacy. In this essay we will be discussing the strengths and weaknesses of In Cold Blood when it delivers facts and the credibility of the work. We will also be discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the novel when Capote bends reality and ad some parts of fiction. Capote never intended for In Cold Blood to be a documentary of the multiple murder that happened in the small town of Holcomb. When Capote published his novel, people where not familiar with non-fiction novels. People knew of the murders that had happened and......

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...many crime scenes. The various types of bloodstains account for how the blood was projected from the body. Blood may be dripped out of the body, sprayed from an artery, oozed out through a large wound or flung off a weapon that has struck another person. Through bloodstain pattern analysis, analysts can determine, among other things, the type of injuries received, the order in which the injuries were received, whose blood is present at the scene, and more. As I read throughout the chapter I notice that bloodstain pattern analysis can form a very interesting story that keeps the media itself entertained. The reason I said this is that, it turns out that the location where the blood lands, and the shape of the blood on the landing surface, reveal both the direction in which the blood was moving and how much force was used to wound the victim. Bloodstain pattern analysts use principles from biology, chemistry, physics and math to figure out the location of the victim when the blood was shed and even the type of weapon or impact that caused the victim’s injury. Sometimes, blood from a weapon can even reveal a criminal’s mentality. For example, powerfully projected sprays of blood would suggest that the attack was fierce and was meant to kill the victim. There are different types of impact spatter such as high impact, medium impact and low impact. A low-velocity spatter is usually the result of dripping blood. The force of impact is five feet per second or less, and the size......

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...Chiquita Brands International claims to put corporate social responsibility at the forefront of its business practices. The banana producer seeks to distance itself from its predecessor United Fruit Company by presenting a story of complete transformation from a corporation that was famous for its human rights violations and collusion with the State, to a 21st century company that is responsive to consumer demands for healthy fruit produced in conditions that are environmentally-conscious and respectful of labor and community rights. This article examines Chiquita as the direct heir of the notorious United Fruit Company, debunking the company’s claims that it has transformed from a corporate villain into a model corporate citizen. Current-day Chiquita is full of contradictions. The company’s operations receive approvals from the Rainforest Alliance and Social Accountability International, and it is the only company in the industry that has agreed to a Latin American-wide collective bargaining agreement with the banana workers’ union. Despite the sustainability and management certifications, human rights violations continue to be documented in farms that produce Chiquita fruits, particularly bananas. Examples of these violations are presented from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Colombia. Using its considerable political clout and public relations influence, Chiquita has followed the United Fruit Company’s example by covering up its actions, which not only violate its......

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...Blood is very important to our bodies for many reasons; it carries oxygen to our vital organs, as well as important vitamins and minerals to other parts of the body. It also helps to regulate the PH balance as well as our bodies’ temperature. But most importantly, it carries white blood cells which are very important for our immune system. If we have problems with our blood supply, we can develop anemia or leukemia, and this may affect how our bodies function. Worse yet, if not getting it properly taken care of, it may result in a host of complications or even death. Plasma is a yellow liquid form portion of our blood that replaces easily thru out our bodies, consisting of water and proteins, and that helps control infections as well as bleeding. They are responsible for carrying oxygen thru out our body. Platelets are responsible for making our blood clot, which enables us from bleeding to death. Clotting when it dries out produces scabbing which aids in the healing process. Leukocytes or white blood cells are germ fighting cells, and there are two types: phagocytes (they help get rid of germs) and lymphocytes (which act as memory cells that can recall their last attackers). White blood cells can be found in places like the spleen, the bone marrow, and it has a sponge gel like consistency. Lily: Her poor eating habits are creating some serious health issue. She has developed iron deficiency anemia. This a very common condition and can be easily treated. This......

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...The documentary, Blood Diamonds – The True Story, that I just watched broke my delicate heart. I pity all the victims of the heartless act done by the rebel groups, National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) and the Revolutionary United Front (RUF). I just cannot imagine how many innocent lives perished for the sake of funding civil wars in Central and Western Africa. In addition, I felt guilt within me for patronizing diamonds without knowing the real price and deeper reality behind these precious stones. Without any doubt, the film was very effective in achieving its purpose and intention through the techniques that was used. In fact, it presented firsthand accounts of the survivors and the culprits of the African diamond-funded wars, including testimonies from industry experts and journalists. Moreover, it shows actual footages of rebel groups attacking the diamond areas. With these, the viewers are now aware of the deeper reality that these diamonds has caused violence, slavery and killing of millions of people. Definitely, the film changed my perspective about diamonds. I realized that behind the shining and shimmering beauty of these valuable gems are bloodsheds among many people in Africa. Furthermore, I realized that not all that glitters are considered to be treasures. This just proves that awareness is very important. In patronizing products, one should first be knowledgeable on how these products came into existence. Finally, if I were......

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...Blood Disorders Teresa Webber HCA/240 10/12/2013 Dr. Jillian Bennett Blood Disorders There are several types of blood disorders and causes for these disorders vary from one medical problem to another. It is important to gather a patient’s symptoms and carefully examine them to make the correct diagnosis because there are too many categories that simple symptoms can fall under. This paper will explain the purpose of plasma, red blood cells, and platelets. It will also share scenarios of three individuals and their symptoms, including the diagnosis for each one. I will take and describe the cause of each disorder, compare the patients’ symptoms with that of the symptoms of the diagnosis. Finally, I will explain how each patient can prevent the disease in the future, if at all. Plasma, Red Blood Cells and Platelets Plasma is the liquid portion of blood – a protein-salt solution in which red and white blood cells and platelets are suspended. Plasma, which is 92 percent water, constitutes 55 percent of blood volume. Plasma contains albumin (the chief protein constituent), fibrinogen (responsible, in part, for the clotting of blood) and globulins (including antibodies) ("American Red Cross", n.d.). Plasma maintains a normal blood pressure. It supplies needed proteins for clotting and immunity. It exchanges minerals such as potassium and sodium to help keep the right amount of pH (acid-base) balance within the body. This is important to make the cells......

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..."To the only haunted house in town," I answered. It was a dark night, the trees were ruffling in the wind, and wolves were howling spookily. The haunted house in front of us was black with a raspberry bush right next to it. In red paint on the wall next to the door was written "Watch Out!" Lightning struck and lit up the house. Scary booing came out of nowhere. The three-story building had a porch, and a cracked fence, and a chimney coming down slowly. The windows were all broken with blood coming down the windowsill. I approached the front door with Charlie. We were feeling one hundred percent scared. I don't know about Charlie, but I thought he might flee in like a minute or two. My heart was beating very fast. A bat flew over Charlie and I, and it made a light scratching sound over and over again. My hand touched the doorknob, and it felt very cold, almost like nobody ever touched it. The doorknob was gold with a lot of stains on it and dirt. When I opened the door it made a loud scratching sound. Charlie and I walked inside and we were freaked out. There were pictures of famous people with knives and blood coming down on them. There was a staircase with cobwebs all over it. There were old candles with spiders all over them. I could see a hallway that lead to the living room. The scent of the house smelled like dead people. I still heard the strange booing sound coming out of nowhere. I walked up the stairs with Charlie. I tried to grab a torch on the wall, but it was......

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...May 5, 2015 Anatomy and Physiology Tell Me About Blood 1. A lower than normal hermatocrit means that a person is anemic. You may have heard your parents say, ‘I think my blood is low”. 2. Lymphopoiesis is the development of lymphocytes, which are which blood cells. Erythropoiesis is the development of erythrocytes, which are red blood cells. Myelopoiesis is the development of myelocytes, which are young blood cells. Granulopoiesis is the haematopoiesis of grandulocytes, which is also a white blood cell, but it is in the cytoplasm. Megakaryocytopoiesis is haematopoiesis of megakaryocytes, which are responsible for the production of blood platelets. 3. Erythropoiesis is the production of red blood cells. The factor that speed up and slow down erythropoiesis is when the kidneys release a factor that changes a blood protein to erythropoietin. This hormone targets the bone marrow where immature precursor cells are induced to synthesize large amounts of hemoglobin, the oxygen protein of red blood cells. Erythroblasts become reticyclocytes, immature red blood cells released into the blood stream where they mature into erythrocytes, full-fledged red blood cells, in one or two days. 4. Nothing negative will happen if a person who is blood type B is given a transfusion of the blood type O because blood type O is the universal donor and can be given to any blood type. 5. White blood cells contain small, pale, lilac granules and a......

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...BLOOD • Blood is a tissue which is made up of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets (pieces of cells) and plasma. Table showing Structure and Function of the Components of Blood |Component |Structure |Functions | |Red blood cells |Biconcave discs with no nucleus. |Transports oxygen | | |Contains haemoglobin. |Transports small amounts of carbon dioxide | |White blood cells |Variable shape (larger than red blood cells) with a |Fight, engulf and destroy bacteria. | | |nucleus. |Make antibodies | | |There are 2 types: | | | |Lymphocytes – produce antibodies which kill germs or | | | |pathogens | | | |Phagocytes – surrounds pathogen and destroys it by | ...

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...King Immunohematology Blood Bank Policy and Procedure Manual We keep the manual located in the same spot at all times so it can be easily found when needed. Our blood bank policy and procedure manual is well organized and the policy and procedures are easy to find. There is a table of contents located in the front of the manual. Every page is numbered and each section is tabbed with a description. Each policy and procedure is titled at the top of the page. The laboratory blood bank policy procedure manual has to be reviewed and revised by our CEO, Chairman of Board of Trustees, Chief of Staff, Pathologist/Medical Director, Laboratory Department Director, and all laboratory personal. There is a policy and procedure for every procedure we do in blood bank. If there is any question you may have involving blood bank, the answer should be in the blood bank procedure manual. The blood bank policy and procedure manual has been very beneficial to me. There's policy and procedures in the manual that walk you threw procedures step by step. A few of our blood bank policy and procedures are; Quality management plan for blood bank, this procedure has to do with quality management mostly telling you the proper way to do things starting with identifying the patient, how to label tubes, what tubes to draw, QC, recording results, it goes over preanalytical, analytical, post analytical steps . We also have procedures over trauma response by laboratory, blood bank......

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...The Rh factor (ie, Rhesus factor) is a red blood cell surface antigen that was named after the monkeys in which it was first discovered. Rh incompatibility, also known as Rh disease, is a condition that occurs when a woman with Rh-negative blood type is exposed to Rh-positive blood cells, leading to the development of Rh antibodies. Rh incompatibility can occur by 2 main mechanisms. The most common type occurs when an Rh-negative pregnant mother is exposed to Rh-positive fetal red blood cells secondary to fetomaternal hemorrhage during the course of pregnancy from spontaneous or induced abortion, trauma,[1] invasive obstetric procedures, or normal delivery. Rh incompatibility can also occur when an Rh-negative female receives an Rh-positive blood transfusion. In part, this is the reason that blood banks prefer using blood type "O negative" or "type O, Rh negative," as the universal donor type in emergency situations when there is no time to type and crossmatch blood. The most common cause of Rh incompatibility is exposure from an Rh-negative mother by Rh-positive fetal blood during pregnancy or delivery. As a consequence, blood from the fetal circulation may leak into the maternal circulation, and, after a significant exposure, sensitization occurs leading to maternal antibody production against the foreign Rh antigen. Once produced, maternal Rh immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies may cross freely from the placenta to the fetal circulation, where they form antigen-antibody......

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...Savannah, Georgia. After her father died of lupus erythematosus, a rare and fatal autoimmune disease, she and her mother lived alone. She received a general education at Georgia State College for Women and then continued to study creative writing at the University of Iowa. After receiving an M.F.A. degree in 1947, Flannery spent time in an artists' colony in Saratoga Springs, New York, and then with friends in Connecticut. She finished writing Wise Blood in 1950. Later that year, Flannery developed the same disease that had ended her father's life. Though crippled by lupus, Flannery was able to enjoy a modest lifestyle on her mother's ancestral farm, raising peacocks and writing. Her short stories are collected in A Good Man is Hard to Find, and Other Stories (1955), Everything That Rises Must Converge (1965), and Flannery O'Connor: The Complete Stories published posthumously in 1971. Her only other novel was The Violent Bear it Away (1960). Flannery O'Connor was a devout Catholic. She approached her work as a novelist and short story writer with a realistic understanding of her audience. The society around her had separated physical fact from spiritual reality and was left without any ground for belief. As Flannery wrote of spiritual experiences, she was careful not to "approach the divine directly," but rather to "penetrate the natural human world as it is." (O'Connor 68) She had a keen ear for common speech and used her observational powers to portray grotesque......

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