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Executive summary Modine Manufacturing is facing some difficulties within their new product development strategies after a major customer pulled out of their agreement with Modine to produce the exhaust- gas recirculation cooler (ERG). From this point, the company has three options to regain their standings in the industry, one is to make the European market the companies focus, the second alternative is to attempt to do some internal re-structuring to bring back the originality of the product development process, and finally streamline internal funding strategies to allow for the company to be specific to a consumer when need be but also have to abilities to cover a range of consumers needs. After further looking into to each alternative we recommend alternative 1, making the European market their main focus, because of the quality of the European market and the proximity it gives with regards to very prominent automobile companies. As well some of Modine’s major finances are already coming from this market and there is a lot of room for growth for Modine in this existing market they are already present in.

Problem Modine Manufacturing was faced with a huge set back in the production of their exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR) cooler when their major customer announced the cancellation of their agreement to produce the EGR cooler just as the project was near completion. The company couldn’t help but blame the violation of the new strategy for product development that was implemented, as well as the decision to commit such sufficient resources towards this project, while leaving all ongoing projects with limited resources and R&D development. When accepting this project, the company was looking at the potential revenue, but may have disregarded the consequences that can arise from devoting a product towards one dominating consumer, employees turned a blind eye…...

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...*Poisonous snakes do not always inject venom when they bite or strike a person. However, all snakes may carry tetanus (lockjaw); anyone bitten by a snake, whether poisonous or non-poisonous, should immediately seek medical attention. If someone is bitten, do the following: *Remain calm and have the victim lie down. *Immobilize the bitten extremity. DO NOT ELEVATE. *Clean the area of the bite with soap and water, if possible. DO NOT use ointments of any kind. *Place a constricting band one to two fingers breadths above and below the bite. (It should not have a tourniquet-like affect). *Cool the bite area by placing an ice bag over the area of the bite. DO NOT WRAP IN ICE OR PLACE ICE DIRECTLY ON THE SKIN. Chemicals cold packs activated by squeezing the package to mix the chemicals that produce an intense cold may be bandaged onto the bitten area to slow the spread of venom. *DO NOT attempt to cut open the bite or suck out the venom. *DO NOT give the casualty food, alcohol, stimulants (coffee or tea), drugs or tobacco. *Transport the victim to a medical treatment facility immediately. In recent years, hospital admissions of personnel due to bites and stings of poisonous arthropods have exceeded the admissions for treatment of snakebites. Only about a third of the deaths due to poisonous bites were from snakes; the others were caused by poisonous arthropods. Some of the desert arthropods are harmless...

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...April 8, 2004 after serving 10 years for the murder of a cocktail waitress. The evidence that convicted him was a set of bite mark that matched his teeth with the bite marks on one of her breasts. Throughout this entire time, he always maintained his innocence. It turned out 10 years after his conviction he was exonerated due to DNA evidence on the victim’s clothes turned out to match that of another man. When it comes to bite marks unless the victim is found immediately after the bite happens and victims are not found immediately after they have been bitten, bruising and abrasions will start to appear and continue to change the skin the longer it takes before the victim is found. If very many hours go by it is even hard to tell if the marks are even bite marks. One time bruises thought to be bite marks were actually bruises made by a hair band. Bite marks are subjective and unless the victim is immediately found right after they were bitten it is impossible to even come close to identification of the suspect. The only positive way to match up the victim with the suspect is if DNA evidence can be gathered along with the imprint of the bite that matches both suspect and victim (Randerson, 2004). Also bite marks can be made while a body can be in many different body positions and skin has elasticity to it and stretches which can cause distortion of the bite marks. The identification of mistaken identity has been reported to be as high as 91%. Not only Ray Koone as......

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...FIRST-AID & MANAGEMENT OF SNAKE-BITES. Any suspected snake bite must be treated with immediate First Aid, (pressure bandage and immobilization technique)and transported to hospital - urgently! 1. Check that the snake is no longer around threatening the safety of all concerned, do not try to catch or kill a snake! Keep the victim quiet and reassure them, get them to lay down. If possible call for assistance. Use a mobile phone and call emergency (000 landline and mobile phone, alternatively 112 for mobile phone). If possible remove any jewellery (watch) and clothing (Cut off) from bitten limb. 2. Apply a wide (< 100mm/4inch >) elastic crepe bandage over the bite site then continue this bandage evenly over the entire limb to the armpit or groin (It should be as tight as one would bandage a freshly sprained wrist or ankle) then any left-over bandage should be continued down the limb. A 2nd, 3rd; and possibly 4th bandage should be applied over the first (pending whether bite is on arm or leg) starting over the fingers or toes. 3. Immobilize the bitten limb with a splint, stick, or rolled up newspaper or cardboard, bandaged or tied to the limb, or use a St. John's sling or air splint applied to limb. All joints of bitten limb need to be totally immobilized. If bandaging is not available, tear towels, sheets, clothes, petticoats, etc; into strips, even pantyhose may be used. Keep victim and bitten limb as still as possible especially if bite is on body or......

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