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BIOS140: Week 4 iLab – Nutrition
Name: ___(Rita Robinson)____ 1. (5 pts) Food Groups: Using the information found on, identify the recommended daily allowance for each of the five food groups below, for your age and gender. Include the URL below for the location you found this information. Food group | Recommended daily allowance (RDA)**Include units (cups, ounces, etc.) | URL | Protein | 5 ½ ounces | | Dairy | 3 cups | | Fruits | 1 ½ cups | | Vegetables | 2 ½ cups | | Grains | 6 ounces | |

2. (10 pts) Food intake diary: Record the food and amount eaten. Include the units (cups, ounces, etc.). NOTE: It is not necessary that the food diary be from three consecutive days. Meal | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Breakfast | Maple brown oatmeal 1 serving -2cups | Golden graham cereal 1 serving 2 ½ cups with banana | 2eggs and toast | Lunch | Protein shake | Protein shake | Protein shake | Dinner | Talipia (4oz) corn on cob | Wings (zaxby’s) (7oz) | Grill chx strips (8oz)(steamfresh veggie pasta) | Snack(s) | Banana | nothing | popcorn | Other | | | |

3. (5 pts) Determine the average amount of each food group that you consumed over the three days above. Food group | Average intake**Include units (cups, ounces, etc.) | Difference from RDA**Indicate if you ate more or less than the RDA and the quantity. Include your units. | Protein | 19 ounces | more | Dairy | 2 cups | equal | Fruits | (180 calories) | more | Vegetables | 543 calories | less | Grains | 15 ozs | less |

4. (5 pts) Design healthy meals for one day, per the recommendations of, taking into account foods that you like. Meal | Item and amount | Breakfast | Oatmeal w/ banana | Lunch | Grill chx…...

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