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Information Privacy is a somewhat fresh concept. It is considered the third—and newest— layer controlled through digital technology (Anita Beveridge, 2014). Privacy is important in one’s personal and professional life. My definition of privacy is something that belongs to an individual person such as my personal information, things that I purchased myself, something that I have the right to that no one else does without my permission. According to Merriam Webster dictionary privacy is defined, “as the quality or state of being apart from company or observation” and/or “freedom from unauthorized intrusion.”
The concept of information privacy has become more important as more systems controlling more information appear. It was suggested in about 1986 that information systems would increase privacy concerns (Bélanger, 2014), in present time this proves have been an accurate prediction. Information systems can develop the world with amplified access to information which includes communication and better productivity of large systems. We can enhance our lives with the usage of technology.
With this same technology privacy can be destroyed and economies can be harmed by unethical acts such as cyber-attacks. The need to observe the go-ahead between information-sharing efforts and privacy and civil liberties is only likely to raise more pressing as the nature of the threats facing the United States shifts (Nelson, 2014). As technology continues to develop new ways to gather private information are also created. The use of social media can also present a threat to one’s privacy due to information being collected, stored in databases and sold to other companies.

There are many ethical issues surrounding the IT field (Pierce, 2000) , however the best thing to do is practice good ethics and never compromise who you are. Bad ethics not only affects the…...

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