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APA format is the official style used by the American Psychological Association and is commonly used to cite sources in psychology, education and social sciences. APA format may seem difficult, but it will become easier once you familiarize yourself with the basic rules.APA format dictates a number of specific guidelines for in-text citations and references. In virtually all instances, citations that appear in the text of your paper should be listed in the reference section.

Avoiding Plagiarism:Plagiarism is the presentation of someone else’s work as your own. If you use another author’s words you must attribute the work to its original source. If you borrow an idea from, or directly quote from, another person’s work, cite the source of that idea or quote. Phrases borrowed word-for-word from another author must be placed in quotation marks and followed by the page number from the original source. Cite a source even if you don’t quote directly from it. Paraphrase with care. Inadequate paraphrasing can be another form of plagiarism, even with documentation provided. Author References: Before we create reference sections for your psychology papers, we should check out examples of references for books, articles, and other sources. The structure of the reference varies somewhat depending on who authored the source and how many authors are credited. For every entry in your reference list, provide the following four elements, to the best of your ability, in the following order (a) author by last name & first initial, (b) publication year, (c) title information, and (d) publisher location and name. If the work is an Internet resource, give the full retrieval date and the URL or database as…...

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... Benefit of the new public management There is a lot of benefit can be defined in the government that establish New Public Management (NPM). Firstly NPM attempted to diminish the role of the state and make the managers in various agencies become more responsive to be a political leader. Second, it aimed for greater efficiency through the use of private sector management techniques. Third, it focused on the citizen as a customer and service recipient. (Michael Hess and David Adams, 2007) As the major benefit can see that government activities have to moving from centralization to decentralization. We can call it as shared responsibility which all the managers in each agency are sharing an idea for a decision making. Under NPM, agencies have striven for increased efficiency at all levels. Besides that, agencies have more competences and expanded their scope of action in the budgetary process as well as on personnel issues. (Stefan Rieder and Luzia Lehmann, 2002). Among the staff as well can improve the level of motivation by implemented of goal-oriented process. There is also several issue needs to cover in New Public Management. Four major area selected aspect in New Public Management (Derry Ormond and Elke Loffler, 1998): 1- Budgeting New process on budgeting system enhances government to control over aggregate expenditures and facilitates reallocation between resources. Government will no longer discusses on individual appropriations but rather the overall......

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...Every person and every business or organization has their own set of morals and standards to live and work by; their code of ethics. The American Payroll Association (APA) is no different. As an organization, they have their own code of ethics that each member of their organization pledges to uphold; to work by. Ethics is a subject concerned with virtue; meaning to have excellent and well-chosen habits. It could be considered a study of how individuals (or in this case, organizations) should best live. With these thoughts in mind, the following is the Code of Ethics for the American Payroll Association: 1. To be mindful of the personal aspect of the payroll relationship between employer and employee, and to ensure that harmony is maintained through constant concern for the Payroll Professional’s fellow employees. 2. To strive for perfect compliance, accuracy, and timeliness of all payroll activities. 3. To keep abreast of the state of the payroll art with regard to developments in payroll technologies. 4. To be current with legislative developments and actions on the part of regulatory bodies, insofar as they affect payroll. 5. To maintain the absolute confidentiality of the payroll within the procedures of the employer. 6. To refrain from using Association activities for one’s personal self-interest or financial gain. 7. To take as one’s commitment the enhancement of one’s professional abilities through the resources of the American Payroll......

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...ESTABLISHING A COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS PACKAGE LEONARD ANTHONY 3085841 Questions I would have to consider before establishing compensation and benefits package are; what is the purpose of the business I am in? Is it a high turnover industry? Is the industry targeted employees targeted for short-term employment? Am I in the peoples business or is my business predicated on the performance of employees? Once those questions have been answered, I would be able to establish a compensation and benefits package. For this paper I will take the later that my industry or field does experience turnover but it consist of employees that are committed to the company and looking for long term employment. The first things I would have to consider are my direct (cash) and indirect (benefits) compensation package. My direct compensation package would consist of salary, hourly wages and bonus. Factors that would affect my direct compensation package are supply and demand, labor unions and the company’s ability to pay and its productivity and government regulations according to (Montana & Charnov, 2000, p 222). Supply and Demand dictates the availability of qualified people within the area to do the job. If the economy is doing well then their will be great competition in attracting qualified candidates to do the job, this means management would have to pay a higher dollar amount to qualified candidates. If the market is slow then there will be a surplus of qualified and......

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