Being Gay Like Salman

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BTEC National in Business

Level 3

Unit 1 The Business Environment

The following scenario should be used for all tasks.

You work as a junior journalist for the local newspaper which is planning to run a feature article on local businesses. You need to produce an article on two local, contrasting businesses covering:

<> Purpose
<> Ownership
<> Organisational structure
<> Strategic planning
<> Economic environment
<> Political, legal and social factors

Task 1 (P1)
In this task, you need to describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses.

To successfully achieve P1, you need to do the following:

a) Select two local businesses. One of these must be a profit organisation and one of these must be a not-for-profit organisation.

b) Collect research on your two chosen businesses to find out about their:
- History > How long have they been in business? > Where and when did they start?

- Activity > Do they extract, make or sell products?

- Purpose > Do they have goods, services…...

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...Being Gay: Coming Out In The 21st Century People come from shame to pride, which is a long process. In the 1940’s the military says that you are not criminals, you are just ill. As the wars ended, and they were getting rid of military men, they started weeding out the gays. Their rights were taken away, and they were not allowed back into the military. No one ever spoke the words “gay” or “lesbian”. In 1969 stonewall took place and police showed up at the bars where the gays hung out. Typically no one fought back, however, this time they did. They say stonewall was their coming out. Activism never stopped from that point on. In 1973 the American Psychiatry removed homosexuality as a mental disorder. Then 1980 came and AIDS began spreading, and at that time there was 1.5 million people that had been diagnosed. In 1990 gay parades were going on, celebrities began coming out to the public. Even though today homosexuals are more accepted, there are still many homophobes and bigotry. Some say they get rocks thrown at them and get called names such as “fag”. Rev. Dr. Penny Nixon says that she won’t hold her girlfriends hand in public for fear that she will get beat up. There are some people who will even kill gays/lesbians when they see them. Matthew Shepherd was tied to a fence and beaten and left to die because he was gay. Research now shows that being homosexual is not an illness, not a choice, and no abnormal. Early on, “gay” meant happy, and now it is used......

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...Gay Marriage Gay marriage is a very controversial issue, though I know where I stand having a gay sibling , I fully support two people of the same sex being able to get married. Through my personal experiences and research, I can support my views on this subject. Many people are against gay marriage because they think that being homosexual is wrong, evil or it’s a sin. Others believe that accepting gay couples getting married would be a threat to the society’s values and weaken what marriage is defined as. Many years ago, African Americans, for example, did not have the same equality like white people did I think gay marriage has a similar issue. We are all humans and we all should have the same equality and right no matter if we are gay, straight,white,black,Latin, Asian or any other race,Therfore gay marriage should be legal. Many young children in America are killing themselves for being victim of abuse,bulling or discrimination in school from other kids that believe that being gay is wrong . Bullying is an intentional aggressive behavior that is often applied to people that have or express a different behavior or preferences that are not consider “normal” or average behavior than most of the people. They may be bullied for different reasons, by the way they dress, how they speak, or even because of the race they are.There are many types of bulling physical bullying (punching or hitting). Verbal bullying is a very common bullying,......

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...Gregory Howard Different Cultures Views on Being Gay When I was younger I was always taught that being homosexual was wrong. Everyone around me told me that they were horrible people that were going to go to hell for their sins. I believed what I was told and for a time I had hate in my heart. I judged these people without even getting to know them. I didn’t give them a chance. As years passed, I grew up and formed opinions of my own about homosexuals. I came to realize that the hate I was taught all those years was wrong. I felt ashamed of treating people badly for something I now know isn’t even their choice. I am now accepting of homosexuals and their way of life. I don’t cast judgment upon them and I believe they should be treated the same as any other person. With my eyes open I now wondered what it was like for people who are gay in different cultures. I know how homosexuals are treated in America. For the most part we as a culture accept them. There will always be ignorant people no matter where you go. But for the mostly America as whole is becoming more and more accepting. In some states gay marriage is even legal. I can only imagine, looking at how far our acceptance has come, one day people will think it’s crazy that gay marriage was once ever illegal anywhere in our country. But what is it like for people who are gay that live in different parts of the world? Is it the same for them as it is in America? I assume unfortunately there is hate anywhere you......

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...Gay marriage will strengthen family values by allowing millions of gay people the opportunity to reinforce their bonds in the same way that heterosexuals do. Same sex couples that get married are more likely to buy homes, which strengthens the economy. Same sex couples that buy homes are more likely to stay in them longer than people who rent. They're more likely to spend money on improvements. They would also be more likely to adopt one or more of the huge number of unwanted children brought into the world by straight people, for various reasons that children ended up in foster care. Married gay people would create strong positive role models for the next generations of gay children. The outlook of same sex marriage in society, and the proof being demonstrated, that the world will continue to spin on its axis. Even if gay people get married. It would help the conservative and religious right wing to see that gay people are just like everybody else, which would hopefully spare their children who happen to be gay the pain of their parents, assuming that being gay is a sin or mental illness. Pros of Same Sex Married 1. If the newlywed resides in the United States then will get to experience the advantages, which the government offers to married couples. These benefits take account of nursing home, social security as well as health care. 2. Another significant advantage of getting married is the reason that you can have kids and have similar assistance,......

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...In the United States, there is a lot of controversy over the issue of gay marriage. There are constant discrepancies between adamant believers in gay marriage and the political leaders of our country. The government’s refusal of the right of the marriage of homosexuals should not be tolerated. A large portion of people in America at the moment are utterly and completely against gay marriage, however there are also those who possess a more liberal view on the situation and  feel differently towards the subject of equal treatment for all people. Religious beliefs often play a substantial role in the decision making process in many ways. For instance, Christian politicians are using their religious beliefs to impose their views and ideas upon people of their denomination. Christians believe that gay marriage shouldn’t be allowed because of the Bible entries that suggest that God made man and women for each other and that any other variation of this couple is a sin. Some feel that this country was founded on the beliefs of Christianity and therefore we should respect those ideals of our forefathers but this can no longer be the case. Our society has grown throughout the years and people have become more and more accepting of change. Every person has their own religious freedom to worship which ever God they see fitting and to believe in any cause they choose. There has been separation from church and state for many......

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...Gay Marriage: What’s the Problem??? “Homosexuality is not normal and should not be established as an acceptable ‘alternative’ lifestyle,’” Blount wrote. “A day is fast approaching when North Carolina will have to deal with the issue of same sex marriage.” This phrase is written across dozens of newspapers, journals, and websites. All you have to do is simply go to yahoo, type in gay marriage in North Carolina and thousands of results come up. Now you may think at first that most of these websites or links may just be talking about the approaching topic, but you would be baffled by what you actually do find. In my case the first time I searched the topic of gay marriage in this state, I was at a loss for words when the first 500 results were all against gay marriage. Such titles as “support traditional marriage” and “” where some of the first I saw. You would have to rummage around through thousands of results before finding one moderate website that could actually tell you what was going on without putting in their own input. Gay marriage, in my opinion should be allowed. There is no strong reason for why homosexuals cannot be married. People should drop all of the political jargon and realize how they would feel if someone told them they could not marry the person they loved just because they were heterosexual. It’s easier to understand once the shoe is one the other foot. One argument heard is that same sex marriages will take away from the......

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