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Campbell-Ewald: R-E-S-P-E-C-T Spells Loyalty
Campbell-Ewald, the Detroit-based marketing communications company, part of the global Interpublic Group of Companies, is an award-winning consultancy. This case describes the research behind its effort to measure and improve customer loyalty and the development of its five respect principles that lead to enhanced customer commitment.

>The Scenario
Much has been written about satisfaction research in the last 20 years. But only recently has the seeming disconnection between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty been getting increasing attention. For two years, Campbell-Ewald1, the Detroit-based marketing communications company and part of the global Interpublic Group of Companies, studied one aspect of the disconnection: respect. As a result of its findings, the agency is passionate about helping firms reforge respect bonds with their customers as a primary business strategy. Campbell-Ewald is no stranger to this concept, which the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, elevated to the measurable standard for relationships. Twice in this millennium, the agency has been selected by AdWeek’s Midwest edition as its Agency of the Year. In lauding CampbellEwald, AdWeek noted that it has an average client relationship exceeding 20 years, while the average in the industry is a relationship that lasts only 5.3 years.2 David Lockwood, senior vice president and director of account planning, says what started as an attempt to understand the disconnect grew into a major research initiative. It ultimately resulted in the identification of five “People Principles” for maintaining long-term relationships that are helping Campbell-Ewald clients transform their business practices and their sales:3 • Appreciate me. Customers are the reason a firm is in business; they should be made to feel…...

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