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“Baker Hughes Fiscal 2011”
Patrice Johnson
Professor Harper
ACC 100
May 15, 2012

Baker Hughes Incorporated supplies oilfield services, products, and technology services and systems to the oil and natural gas industry worldwide. The company offers drilling and evaluation products and services, including drill bits for performance drilling, hole enlargement, and coring; conventional and rotary steerable systems; measurement-while-drilling and logging-while-drilling systems to perform reservoir navigation services; drilling optimization services; tools for coil tubing drilling and wellbore re-entry systems; coring drilling systems; surface logging systems; emulsion and water-based drilling fluids systems; and reservoir drill-in fluids, as well as fluids environmental services. Its drilling and evaluation products and services also comprise wire line services, such as tools for open hole and cased hole well logging to gather data to perform petro physical and geophysical analysis; reservoir evaluation coring; casing perforation; fluid characterization; production logging; well integrity testing; pipe recovery; and seismic and micro seismic services. In addition, the company provides completion and production products and services consisting of completion systems; wellbore intervention products and services to improve the performance of existing wellbores; intelligent production system products and services to monitor and control the production from individual wells or fields; artificial lifts, which include electric submersible pumps systems, progressing cavity pump systems, gas lift systems, and surface horizontal pumping systems to lift oil and water; hammer services, tubular running systems, and completion assembly systems; chemicals and chemical application systems; and cementing, stimulation, and coil tubing services. Further, it offers industrial and other…...

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