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We are now at the point of doing something that can only be done in the USA. That is to set the course straight where our country needs to be. We have understood that we do not need politicians to guide our course, but we need the US Citizen to have the chance to do what we know best. We need to tell our government that we are not going to settle for more debt without having the ability to control the spending of those funds. We the American people need to have our money given back so that we can turn this country around. Our plan is as follows:
1. Give every person over the age 21 $5,000.00
2. Give every person 30 years old and older who is single $7,000
3. Give every family $15,000
We have 300,000,000 people in our country of which the age breakdown is as follows:
- 21 years and older
- 30 years and older
- Families
We need a $2 Trillion cash injection into the hands of the American People. The American People with then be able to pay off debts, pay their house payments, buy things they need. If the money is in our hands then it will be put into the banks that are failing. Then businesses will be able to stay open. People will see factories open and that is how we start doing business.
We need a $2 Trillion Energy injections today and not next week. We need to invest into the alternative energy and natural gas, our own oil, coal and other types of energy. We will be able to pay back the $12 Trillion debt by our own efforts in taxes that we will pay with the jobs that will be created by the amount of investment that can be made by the average person.
We have put our hopes that others will set this up for us. Our country was founded on hard work and people getting a chance. When our founding fathers saw the country was big and the problem was big they answer was to…...

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