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RELAY Information (SECRETARY, ASST. SECRETSRY, PRO) * How can we reduce student apathy? It would be through proper relay of information, announcements and updates. Students should be aware of the activities ahead of time, announcements should be posted on the social networking sites, CBA lobbies, via text and through word of mouth ahead of time as well and we propose to have a paging system in our department. (CHARS!)
REDUCE Student Apathy (AUDITOR, TREASURER, ASST. TREASURER) * Student Apathy is one of the most pressing problems officers are dealing with every year. This issue is one of our major concerns and we ought to give remedy to this dilemma. SERVE Party wants to reduce or decrease the number of apathetic students because we would like every CBA student to cooperate with us, mingle with us and join us in every single activity the college will have.
REFORM Activities (YOURS TRULY. HAHA) * One of the main reasons why students do not attend activities is because they find it boring. It is certainly a major fact. Thus, we want to improve some of the activities and events the college will be holding. Something that would make them wonder, something that would thrill them and something that would make them ask for more.

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