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Ayn Rand was born Alissa Zinovievna Rosenbaum in St. Petersburg, Russia on February 2nd, 1905. She produced many works of fiction within her life and is applauded for the cultivation of her philosophical system-Objectivism. Ms. Rand passed away in 1982; her writing and ideals continue to influence society, literature, and surprisingly, the video game industry. After reading Her Second Career and Good Copy, it is easy to see why this author is held in such high esteem. Despite the tone of the stories being very different, the concept of wealth, the behavior of the main characters, and the traits of Ayn Rand's philosophy are all shared. While Her Second Career takes place in the glitzy scenes of Hollywood and Good Copy in the small-town of Dicksville, Ayn Rand does a fantastic job of conveying the influence of wealth no matter the setting. The characters in both stories run the gambit on the socioeconomic scale of the haves and the have-nots. Claire Nash lives a lofty life with "a palace in Beverly Hills and two Rolls Royces" pg. 112 while Laury McGee resides in an old apartment building. It is not until Ms. Nash undertakes Winston Ayer's challenge that she is forced to understand the struggles of aspiring actresses and the financial hardships endured in pursuit of their dreams. In Good Copy, it is not until Mr. McGee has kidnapped Ms. Winford that he receives his crash course in economics. It is obvious to the reader that Laury is aware of Ms. Winford's value based on the target of his abduction. However, Laury has no concept of how wealthy the Winfords are until his naivety insults his hostage "Ten thousand dollars! It's an insult to be sold for ten thousand! I won't stand for my price being that low!" pg. 78. Because the stories are in such different formats, the tone and importance of wealth is presented differently. Although Her Second Career…...

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