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Ernest Chiam was born in 1957, the year which Malaysia got its independence. By the time, Malaysia began to develop and became stable as World War II was ceased and he was able to grow up in a peaceful environment without sirens of the enemy’s invasion. He is the fifth born out of six, with two brothers and three sisters. The first page of his life started in a middle class suburban household located in Muar, Johor. As a baby, Ernest was very chubby as well as adorable. He was raised on by his mother’s milk and therefore, since small he has a very close relationship with her mother.
As both of his parents were school teachers, Ernest was raised up in a family that emphasized discipline and education. In that sense, he was especially forbidden to speak vulgar words, tells lies and smoke. Apart from that, he was constantly instilled by his parents the importance of education. However, unlike his siblings who are excelling in their studies, Ernest showed only a little interest in what had taught in school and he never did any revision. Therefore, most of the time, he just barely passed the exams. The only thing that amazed him is the natural world. The large and empty compound of undeveloped land and Muar River were both his favorite spot for wandering around and discovering. Besides playing games such as kite, gasing, marbles and catapult, his greatest entertainment will be sitting on the back of the buffalo and swimming in the monsoon drain. His obsess towards animals and natures molded him into a person who is so fit in his later wildlife career.
Since his grandparents and parents accepted Christianity, every Sunday, Ernest would follow them to church. At that moment, he would join the Sunday school where he could listen to a lot of interesting bible story and learn to worship God. Of course, it was also the place where he could get lots of free candies.

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