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This is the third of series of my examination of the Atlanta Police Department. A department like no other. The department is strong as a unit but it is still only as strong as one of its officers. The officers vow to uphold the city and the department and are proud to represent both as the best the city has to offer. These officers are highly trained and very carefully selected. Now we will explore how these officers are selected, then trained and then finally how they are put out on the streets protecting the city.

Before an officer is an officer they are just upstanding ordinary citizens. Before they can become an officer they must submit an application and be selected to become an APD officer, not just anyone can submit an application there are certain requirements that must be met. First the potential officer must be a legal citizen of the United States. One must pass a cognitive skills examination and personality assessment. Also potential officers must have no less than 20/100 vision in each eye, must have a high school diploma and/or a G.E.D. certificate. Lastly, they must be at least 20 years of age. If that’s not enough once they have been offered employment with the department they must undergo a medical evaluation. These are just precautions for the department takes to ensure they are picking from the very best citizens possible.

Once an officer is employed with the department ,and have passed the medical exam, they will be sent to the Atlanta Police Academy. Once there their first physical test will be conducted within the first four business days. Once this has been conducted the rest of the experience will consist of at least: 80+ hours of physical training, 80 hours of defensive training, 48 hours of firearms training, and hundreds of hours of classroom instruction. The goal of the Police Academy is for you to be in the…...

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