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In “On Being an Atheist” McCloskey provided many arguments that seek justifications on God not existing aka Atheism. He does this by making multiple claims by theists on an overall level that focused on the God that was Christian. His claims are put into numerous sections upon which his counters arguments. In the beginning he delivers a small overview of the arguments that were presented by the theists, which he calls “proofs," saying that it isn't enough to justify that God does exist. Even though there is one proof that doesn’t show God existing, if you put them all together they do provide strong evidence that God does exist although they don’t have many logical answers. But if God does exist it is based on such proofs or objections are arguable.
McCloskey first suggests that proofs don’t ultimately state that God exists, so they should be forgotten. Only problem is that he doesn’t make efforts on defining evil and to help it he doesn’t explain it either. He even tries to disgrace everybody’s belief in God, by attacking the origin of the belief but didn’t address why your faith isn’t valid even if they look at all of the evidence before accepting to be Christian. To better understand his argument, you must understand relativism stating that all points of view are all valid and true to the individual, but this does not prove there is or is not God. For Christians, the truth is found the words Jesus spoke in John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth and the life…” He describes God as tired, harsh, belligerent, heartless, unskilled, hard and disciplinary. McCloskey puts into view a cause and effect dispute vague costs. He states that the best evidence that God doesn’t exist is all of the evil acts of the men and women and that he evades ethics and stresses on evil because principles are tougher proof that a smart creator planned the world. This results in McCloskey coping…...

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