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Through out the 19th century, England engaged many artists, designers and manufactures together expanding the design border. However, in 1836 a report of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Art and Manufactures (MET) commented on how British-manufactured goods were lacking in quality. This indeed created the Arts and Crafts movement in 1860, where the movement rejected modernity and industry, mainly towards the output of British Industry.

As history reaches the 2nd half of the 19th century, the mission of Arts and Crafts movement did not completely establish but instead it provided more opportunities for new designers and more options on the market for consumers. With great support of the design society one of the many talented designers stood out and influenced the style of that period, it was Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh was born in Glasgow, Scotland, 1868 where the Arts and Crafts movement was happening. The time period where Mackintosh grew up was between the influences of Japan, which significantly influence his style later on. Mackintosh was part of the Scottish School, where a group of artists and designers establish new and strikingly modern style in 1880s. (V&A) They together worked in Glasgow and created decorative schemes for architectures and design. It can be concluded that Mackintosh grew up in an artistic environment and design was his main passion. He has three outstanding designs that were eye opening during the period and beyond, it is the Glasgow School of Art, The Gallery, Willow Tea Rooms and The Hill House.

The Glasgow School of Art (1897) was truly Mackintosh’s work of art. He designed every aspect of the building, from exterior to interior. The north front façade of the building described by architectural historian James Stevens Curl, that it was a mixture of tough Scottish native style taken from…...

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