Application of 7ps in Western Union Money Transfer & Service Creation and Delivery

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The Western Union Company is the global leader in electronic money transfer. In this market, Western Union holds an 18% global market share.
Western Union offers a quick, convenient and reliable way to send and receive money around the world in minutes. Originally founded in the United States in 1851 as the Western Union Telegraph Company, Western Union is now active in 200 countries, with more than 375,000 points of sale, processing in excess of 109 million transactions every year. Western Union is a Fortune 500 company, and its logo is ranked among the world’s Top 50 Brands.
Vision: To become a dynamic business oriented organization, serving the needs of customers and other stakeholders.
Mission: Western union aims to provide the best money transfer service. They serve the needs of customers by providing a simple, fast and reliable international money transfer service.
Slogan: The fastest way to send and received money worldwide.
Industry: Financial services
Founded: 1851
Founder: Ezra Cornell
Headquarter: Englewood, Colorado

Application of 7ps in Western Union Money Transfer & Service Creation and Delivery
01. Product
Product is deep core heart of an organization. Success of an organization depends on the quality of a product. In case of service product is invisible. Service product lies at the heart of a firms marketing strategy. If a product is poorly designed, it would not create meaningful value for customers, even if the rest of 7ps are well executed. So the marketer’s job is to visualize the product in front of the customer. Product can be classified in different ways: * Core product * Supplementary product
Core product: Core product or service is the central component that supplies the principle to the customer.
Supplementary product: Supplementary service augments the core product. Those services enhance value and…...

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