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Apple Inc. (“Apple”) as a market leader in the technology industry remains appealing to its loyal fan consumers despite the death of Steve Jobs. The fact that Steve Jobs rescued Apple from the verge of collapse has actually made him a spiritual leader of Apple and part of Apple’s product attributes. The return of Jobs to Apple in 1997 marked the successful execution in the company. He stopped licensing program, moved manufacturing to abroad and the most courageous move was to move the products into retails. Despite other competitors’ success in total different business models, Apple was thinking something beyond not just simple sales in a store but the “foot traffic” it can create. Finally, today we are sure that in any of the Apple stores, people are not just coming for buying products but also visit the stores out of curiosity and want to take part in merriment which also draws more people in. In this way, Apple stores are doing something beyond sales but also image, brand, enjoyment, trend, curiosity and accessibility of products etc.
Looking behind the scene, Apple’s success could also be attributable to the strong leadership of Steve Jobs in building a cohesive team with the technicality to reliable designs and quality products, the obsession with simplicity but yet sophisticated featured products. Rather than having prototypes or previews of upcoming products, Apple purposely releases their revolutionary products that have been kept completely secret until they suddenly appear in a “launch show” and then in the stores around the world. All these ingredients contribute to the innovative Apple culture which continuously creating surprise and desire to the passionate Apple fans.
Obviously, Apple is not just the business of computer but also business of changing people’s habits, ways of thinking and lifestyle too. When we recall our memories of using our cell…...

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