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I am a teacher and my student bought a paper from your site. I’m verifying it.
Benefits of Watching TV
While Steve John used a lot of different examples in his “Watching TV Makes You
Smarter”, he in fact did so to show that there are many evidences to prove his claim, and as long as the readers have watched at least two shows that he talks about, the point is quite clear that the TV series industry has well improved its role in exercising our mind in the last few decades.
John’s work, however, bewilders readers easily with its novel graphs and manifold examples of outdated shows. With his new way of illustration, readers may have to be familiar with TV shows; how scenes take place at various times and places have clues to the one main story line; how the seemingly unrelated plots interwoven together to make a bigger and more profound story line. But if read closely the graphs are not hard to understand, and while Johnson clearly isn’t writing to people who don’t watch TV, the shows he brings up would be nonsense to the group, and on top of that it is not necessary for the readers to even know the shows he talks about, if the readers can pay most of their attention on structure change of the shows, and not the contents of them.
As Johnson putted “ Over the last half-century, programming on TV has increased the demands it places on precisely these mental faculties. ” According to Johnson, these faculties are attention, patience, retention, and the parsing of narrative thread, and they are the cognitive benefits ascribed to reading. So examining whether watching TV shows have improved these faculties will show the credibility of Johnson’s work. (280)
Johnson himself admitted “There may indeed be more “negative messages” in the media sphere toad.” The truth is that conventional views about the TV industry are pretty much accord, that the violence and nudity…...

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