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Anti-Semitism and Racism

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Anti-Semitism and Racism 1

Schrita Scott

Anti- Semitism and Racism in America

PHI 103: Informal Logic

Ashford University

July 8, 2013

Anti-Semitism and Racism 2

Anti- Semitism and Racism in America

Racism is one of the world’s major issues today. Many people may not be aware that

racism still exists today. Within our schools, workplaces, in the public, and anywhere social lives

are occurring racism is evident. It is sad but racism is still a major problem in the United States

of America. Anti- Semitism is another form of racism which Is the intense dislike and prejudice

against Jewish people.

It wasn’t until the years of 1865-1900 that an anti-Semitic society emerged. From the end

of the civil war to the beginning of the twentieth century did the United States saw the full fledge

dislike for Jewish people. People in the United States apparently was intent on that Jews

impinged on American lives. (Pinnerstein, 1995, pg. 35).

People in America assumed that Jews were Christ killers and would not accept the

Truthfulness of Christian teachings. Jewish people were prejudiced against by major insurance

Anti- Semitism and Racism 3

Anti- Semitism and Racism in America

companies in 1866. These insurance companies believed that the Jews were setting fire to their

own businesses in order to collect the insurance money (Pinnerstein, 1995 pg. 36). As a result

these major insurance companies banned any Jewish businesses from obtaining insurance. It

is apparent that Jews were discriminated against because of their culture and who they were.

Jews were also discriminated against because they were not Christian followers in the

United States. As noted when in 1896 a Baptist minister claimed that he feared Jewish

Immigrants would “destroy America’s Christian civilization”. What proof were present for him

And others to believe such a thing? None is the answer.

Then there was the Adolf Hitler whom by the way was half Jewish himself, yet he

despised Jews blaming them for the wars that America were going through, especially the war

with Germany. Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933 he formed what was known as the Nazis

Anti- Semitism and Racism 4

Anti- Semitism and Racism in America

army. During his time of power Adolf Hitler dislike for Jews intensified which lead him to lead

the Nazis army in 1941 to imprison millions of Jews into gas chambers and kill them. They were

women, men, and children. He did not discriminate when it came to killing these people. His

belief was that anyone whom wasn’t blond haired with blue eyes were Jews and must be put to

death. This is a prime example that Jews were prejudiced against by fellow Americans.

Jewish people have been prejudiced against for over 2,000 years. Early Christians believe

that Jews are responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This hatred toward Jews were

manifested by the Nazis during world war II into the Holocaust times. Now the question is do

Anti- Semitism still exist in America? Yes it does. While many Jews claim that it is not as bad

As in the past it is still present in the present.

There have been an increase in Anti- Semitism in recent years in the form of speeches,

Anti- Semitism and Racism 5

Anti- Semitism and Racism in America

violence, as well as the denial that the Holocaust error ever took place. (Lanqueur, 2006)

Incidents of Anti- Semitism and violence are occurring in the Islamic world as well as in places

that the Holocaust actually took place. In some Middle Eastern countries anti-Semitism is

promoted through educational systems, militant groups, as well as the media. (Lanqueur, 2006)

In the United States, there are Jewish on some college campus that are confronted by

Anti- Semitic hostility. There are many forms of hatred toward Jews even in the present time.

It is just not as bad and noticeable as it was in the past centuries. America has a long way to

come in stopping the hatred towards Jewish people. When that happens Anti- Semitism can

become non-existent. But first there has to be acknowledge that Anti- Semitism did and still

does exist.

While Anti- Semitism is considered racism towards Jews as noted in the previous

Anti- Semitism and Racism 6

Anti- Semitism and Racism in America

literature racism affects many different people from a wide range of backgrounds. Racism is

defined differently amongst people which depends on whom is defining it and their sole beliefs.

Racism has existed throughout human history. Racism is the hatred of one person to another or

From one group to another group.

Accusations over racism continue presently against individuals, political parties,

professionals, and athletes just to name a few. It is believed that in order for an individual to be a

member of the Republican group then those individuals are for the “whites” and are for the rich.

Whereas, some people say that individuals part of the democratic group are “blacks” and are for

the poor. This is inaccurate information as race does not define what someone believe in

politically. However, this is a common “racial dispute” in which many people are not aware of.

Many African Americans believe that they are discriminated against on a daily basis

Anti- Semitism and Racism 7

Anti- Semitism and Racism in America

African Americans are one of the races that have endured racial discrimination, and violence.

African Americans endure a higher poverty rate, living in neighborhoods that whites define as “

the ghetto” higher drug rate, lower educational experience, and higher unemployment rates.

There are a number of African Americans that meet the qualifications of jobs but are passed over

because they are black. Racism is stronger in the south because of the white supremacist, which

are a group of people whom openly admit their dislike for colored people. These group of

people have harassed, tormented and killed African Americans just because of their skin color.

However, there are also a group that blacks have founded as a result of the white

Supremacist group, which are called black panthers. Racism is a force that shaped reality.

Whites had a racial image of rationality, they were emotionally in the area of race because

of their need to justify (Dennis, 2008). Just because slavery ended, did not mean the end of the

Anti- Semitism and Racism 8

Anti- Semitism and Racism in America

white supremacy and racism. The effects lasted long after slavery ended which still exist today.

The thought and behavior from the slaves was passed down from generation to generation all the

way to the present (Dennis, 2008). Even though slavery ended many former slaves still held

the same mentality as when they were slaves, thinking that they are inferior to whites. African

Americans have been stripped away of their freedom mentally and physically that has lasted

for many years and some still being a victim of the slavery error.

African Americans were locked into race, forced to play the role of being inferior to

whites, a role that many whites wanted. Many blacks were denied access to many things, as well

as kept away from almost everything that whites thought would help blacks succeed

(Dennis,2008). African Americans were always rejected whether they had good or bad behavior,

and whether they succeeded or not.

Anti- Semitism and Racism 9

Anti- Semitism and Racism in America

In conclusion, the story of racism is rather a sad story for many people including

Jews and African Americans whom seemed to have endured so much grief, violence, death, and

discrimination at the hands of whites. In every culture there are strengths and weaknesses,

however the issue of racism is still underway and must come to end. In order for that to happen

whites must acknowledge and own up to their behavior in order for individuals to enjoy

freedom from racism. As noted by Dennis “Nothing will change until whites, as a racial group

own up to the problems” (Dennis, 2008). Whites must teach themselves and their peers that

racism need to end. Every culture must learn to love one another no matter their race, color,

gender, or religion. Without love and understanding of other races and cultures, there will

be no cure for racism, in which we all will have nothing at all and all lose in the end.

Anti- Semitism and Racism 10


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