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Question 1. What are the category beliefs among non-users of shampoo?


These categories can be used to determine the non-user of shampoo. They are associated with their lifestyles, their habits and alternatives. Beliefs also depend on their purchasing power and how significant they perceive affording a bottle or sachet of Shampoo is, the affordability, purchasing power brand, communication, lifestyle and psychographics.

Following variables can be used to determine the non-user of shampoo
• Affordability
• Lifestyles and psychographics
• Brand communication
• Purchasing power

Question 2. What are the cognitive beliefs on the three brands of shampoos? (what are those advertising elements that ,match with the cognitive beliefs?)


The cognitive beliefs on the three brands of shampoos and their advertising elements that match with the cognitive beliefs on the three brands of shampoo are:

• Clinic plus-Cosmetic shampoo of Unilever with portfolio driven on “family value and health foundation”. it prevents from dirt and split ends.

• Head & Shoulders-it’s an anti- dandruff brand of Proctor and gamble which is chemically tested. Approved by Dermatologist.

• Chik- it’s a cosmetics shampoo mainly contributes in south at a very cheaper rate .It’s a cosmetic shampoo brand of Cavin kare which promises soft, nourished, beautiful hair.

Question 3. What are the affective aspects reflected by advertisements of three brands of shampoo? (What are those advertising elements that, match with the affective beliefs?)


The advertising elements that match with the effective aspects on the three brands of shampoo are:

Clinic plus Head and shoulder Chick
Kind of Shampoo Cosmetic Shampoo, Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Cosmetic Shampoo Of Brand Of HUL Of P&G. Cavin Care
Central Character Young School Going Young Male & Female Female Between 18 To Girl: 8 To 14 Yrs Old Between 18 To 25 Years 25
Influencer Mother, Who Is Decision Expert Or Celebrity Mother Make Are In A Family
Consumer Segment Low Income Consumer Premium Low Income

Question 4. How strong are the conative beliefs of respondents after they are motivated by the cognitive and affective aspects of the three brands?


It clearly affects Demand for the Product.
• Cognitive aspect tells us whether to purchase or not.
• If both Cognitive and Affective aspect motivates the customer to buy the product and if the result is negative results, i.e. the customers are dissatisfied with the product then they are sure to switch to other products.
• Cognitive and cognitive will affect the greater demand.

Question 5. How does each brand score on attitude towards the brand?


Brand score on attitude towards the brand of

Brand Score Clinic Plus 4 Head & Shoulders 3 Chic Shampoo 6 Question 6. How can the “theory of reasoned action” model be applied to each brand?

Are there gaps that can be found with regards to each brand?


The Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) is a model that finds its origins in the field of social psychology. According to this model, a person’s behavior is determined by its behavioral intention to perform it. This intention is itself determined by the person’s attitudes and his subjective norms towards the behavior.

This Theory is designed to make statistical generalizations predicting People’ Behaviour. People make conscious choices based on two factors:

o How strongly they perceive the benefits that lead to Positive Outcome. o The Social norms, Risks and Rewards associated with that choice.

This Theory Predicts the Attitude and Behaviour of a large group of People.

Brand Prediction Clinic Plus Will definitely buy the Product Head & Shoulders Might not Buy it Chic Shampoo May or may not Buy it

Question 7. How is the “elaboration likelihood” model being used by the brands?


The Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) of persuasion is an organizing framework developed to understand persuasion and attitude change. It proposes that there are two primary routes to successful persuasion or attitude change. The first route of this dual process model is the “central route”, where attitude or behavior change is a result of systematic processing of the persuasive message. The second route or "peripheral route" depends on peripheral cues or decision heuristics present rather than a cognitive processing of the persuasive message. Motivation to purchase the products, felled and impacted by the advertisement.

Clinic Plus and Chik used the central route of elaboration likelihood model where they there was rational consideration of product with respect to what is shown in TV commercials. On the other hand Head & Shoulder used Peripheral cue of Peripheral route from elaboration likelihood model and used celebrity endorsement like Kareena Kapoor etc.

Brand EL Clinic Plus High Head & Shoulders Low Chic Shampoo Medium

Question 8. Based on the analysis and the application of concepts, how can a new brand be launched?


Consumer behaviour depends upon several parameter which includes taste, preference, attractiveness depends upon the product launched which will help them to decide the persuasiveness of a product at a very reasonable rate. It also depends on demographic areas that are affected by affordability, per capita income & etc. the brand advertisement also affect the brand latch and its sales to a large extent.

Marketing research, primary and secondary data and the domain knowledge of your market is very necessary which is all endorsed by statistical data.…...

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